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[c++] How create object in editor on base of c++ classes?

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For example, I create new class in c++ code. In API.cpp I can create new object on base of this class, but in Editor i can't create this object. An i want to learn: Can I create object on base of c++ classes in editor. Thanks in advance.

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The editor doesn't know anything about what you do in C++. If you want your classes to be associated with entities in the editor you will have to loop over all entities after you load the map in C++ and then assign them yourself. You'll most likely want some kind of system to make that link yourself but because this is C++ and not very dynamic it'll be some hard coding going on.


For example, you could make a lua script that has a Script property and in it's Start() function you assign whatever value you typed into it to the entity key/value system (self.entity:SetKeyValue("type", self.Type)). Then in C++ after you load your map loop over all entities and get the "type" key and use it's value against some hardcoded string's to C++ classes


foreach(auto e in world->entities)
  string key = e->GetKeyValue("type")

  if(key == "Player")
     player = new Player(e);
  if(key == "Enemy")
     enemy = new Enemy(e)


The above is just some pseudo code example on how you could do this.

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What you can do as well is to create empty pivots in the scene and name them something like SPAWN_ENEMY. Then you can have a C++ class that does something like this:


// Pre-define variables we need
bool foundNewPivot = false;
Entity *e = NULL;

// Start the search for every pivot named "SPAWN_ENEMY"
foundNewPivot = false; // Default on 'not found'
e = world->FindEntity("SPAWN_ENEMY"); // Find a pivot named like this

if (e != NULL) // If it exists
/* Create an object, in this case an enemy.
It is recommended to store enemy in a list (like a vector) so you can update it later */
Enemy *enemy = new Enemy(args);
enemy->SetPosition( e->GetPosition() );
enemy->SetRotation( e->GetRotation() );
// enemies.push_back(enemy); // Like this, assuming you made std::vector<Enemy*> enemies before

e->SetKeyValue("name", "SPAWN_ENEMY_PROCESSED"); // You can also store this in an array/vector for later use (like respawning).
// The reason you need to rename the pivot is that it cannot be found anymore during this loop.

foundNewPivot = true; // Keep searching for spawns
while (foundNewPivot == true); // End this while loop when no new pivot was found


You can use this for units, pickups, respawns or anything else you want to do with it.

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