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App.cpp and Animation Manager.lua

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Watching some video tutorials from 2013 on setting up the animation of a player character. In the video, he makes some coding additions in the App.cpp file.



Keeping in mind coding is a challenge for me, though I'm learning so much more in Lua then I have in the past.


Would you still add these functions in the App.cpp file to get a character animating and what is the uses for the Animation Manager script?


Thank you!

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As of 4.2, we no longer use the animation manager script (although if your project was using this before, there is nothing stopping you from continuing to use this approach). This functionality has been built into the engine. Two new commands have been added to the engine:




These can be called at any time. The "Animation\SimpleAnimation.lua" script is the easiest way to handle this.


The PlayAnimation function will handle animation updating for you, so you only have to call it once. It also handles transitions between animations automatically.

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I'm new to the engine so the previous project does not apply, thank you for the answer, Do you have a walkthrough of how to use this? Thanks!

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Oh thank you I did go over that tutorial and know how to attach a script, I was referring to character animations, I didn't make that clear, sorry about that.

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