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Distorted model pos/rot/scale after import to Leadwerks

Phodex Games
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I have this annoying problem for pretty a while. I currently was trying to figure out the error, but I am no master at Blender so maybe its my mistake, maybe you have to take care on something in Leadwerks?

Look thats the problem:

1.  That is how I set it up in Blender:


2. Now I export the hands model and the sword model (in the fbx model format) seperatly and import them into Leadwerks. After I put them into the engine, adjust their scale and zero their position and rotation it looks like this:


And yes I did apply the rotation, location and scale in blender. Why the heck doen't this work? I get some trouble with my animations with that, because I put the sword to an bone handling the weapon position within the animation. There is this "Forward" and "Up" setting when exporting the fbx, maybe you need to take care on that? I dont know, I would be very very glad if you could help me because that makes me freak out :o

NOTE: I adjusted the scale of the sword, because it had completely diffrent dimensions, like 100 times bigger, thats why it looks diffrent scale wise. However the biggest problem is that its rotation is wrong.

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1 hour ago, Genebris said:

Use Leadwerks exporter.

If it just would be that easy... I tried the exporter of course, but with it, I cannot export the models seperatly somehow. If I select the sword and export with "Export only selected objects" ticked, Blender says "Couln't find any exportable objects." :(

Just tried again. The exporter works even worse. Look what happens after export inside blender






And no the model doesn't appear like in the first picture, nor does it like in the second picture, after I imported it into Leadwerks.

Really annoying if you try to make some precise first person animations!


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Okey after playing around a bit and deleting all animations & armature it worked. Could you tell me how you deleted those animations? I always struggle a bit when deleting animations in blender I dont really know how to do it ^^. Still I dont really know what the animations have to do with that distorted rotation, isnt this a thing which should not be? Well what ever, thank you a lit for you help and time. At least I know now where the mistake was :)

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On 21.7.2017 at 2:47 PM, Phodex Games said:

And yes I did apply the rotation, location and scale in blender.

See that in my first post. But I know of found the problem. Had to do with the animations attached to the objects. Something went wrong there, still I dont know what exactly.

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You can animate the scale of your bones in the animations. Can you check your animation track and see if there are keys in the scale channel?

I've seen that it's better that you have your reference pose with skinning untouched at the first frame. If you tweak the first frame, you could have a bad reference frame and get bogus values coming in, but that depend on how the importer will treat the data...

As another note, if you had reset the transformations AFTER doing the skinning and animations could get problematic...

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3 hours ago, Christian Clavet said:

You can animate the scale of your bones in the animations. Can you check your animation track and see if there are keys in the scale channel?

No scaling in animations is not applied in LE unfortunately (although will you can in your modeling program). Only rotate and transform are applied. I've submitted a request for this a while back.

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Thanks for the info. I was not aware of this. So the scale distortion would probably come from the first reference frame. If you can do a test, remove all skinning and animation on the model, reset it again and do a test export to see if it maintain the scale. Then if it's ok, continue from there: Apply skinning (don't touch the first frame), the export before making any animation. If it still maintain, continue with the animation. (Keep a safe copy of the skinned model, and reuse it for each animation or animations)

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