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Backup modified default scripts during updates

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It would be extremely useful if the update process could detect user modified default scripts and back them up instead of overwriting them. This especially applies to Main.lua where its common to hold global variables during map transitions among other things. Backup scripts would give users something to refer to if the update breaks their project. At the very least, I propose that updates always copy all the old default scripts into a backup folder somewhere regardless if they've been modified or not.


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I thought it did make a backup of all overwritten files. The original will be in the same folder with the extension .bak1, .ba2, etc. added to it.

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Ahhh ok,

That's good to know, I didn't even realize what those files were for especially since they don't show up in the editor. Perhaps it could be pointed out somewhere, like the files updated popup that appears when the update is complete?

Regardless, you can probably close this suggestion since it's already been addressed.



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