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LE 2.32 is crashing the second i try to start it up

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I have this ini file fetish, i like to poke around in ini files.


I had this similiar kinda thing when i manualy added the gamepath in the editor.ini file.

Try deletting the editor.ini, It fixed the startup problem of the editor on my system.


the ini file can be found in your sdk folder. (something like d:/Program Files/Leadwerks Engine SDK/)

ps. don't poke around in ini files if you do not know the purpose of ini files.


i hope this solves your problem.

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You can run the SDK updater as many times you want, and it will say 0 files updated in 2 seconds if there were no differences to your existing files.

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can you put up your editor.log as it may show something



plus what directory is your sdk

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