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digging system


Does anyone know how I could make a digging system ? Digging as in digging with a shovel ingame or using some sort of tool ingame.

It doesn't have to be digging into terrain either it can be digging into a 3d voxel model. But how ?

Anyone got any code that they could show me that works for digging ?

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I am not very skilled in LUA at all, I am learning as I go along. But could you not code the ground so when it is hit it removes or hides say a block. Could it be sent to somewhere it could be removed from the game without causing bloat? Similar to Minecraft when they dig they do so at a block at a time and then it can be collected, or deletes itself after so long. I am certain LUA could do this as Java can. Unfortunately I would not know how to implement it all sorry

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