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Beta branch available in Steam


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A beta branch has been enabled in Steam. To access this, right-click on Leadwerks in your games list in Steam. Select the "Properties" menu item.




In the properties dialog, select the "Betas" tab. There's a drop-down list that allows you to select the beta branch.




Releases that go into the beta branch will make it into the default branch after about a week. This approach will prevent us from releasing any game-breaking updates to the entire user base, and also allows people to opt-in to get newer builds.

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i bought it on steam and all dlc and it worked and i liked it and somehow it wont work again if i click on start it wont open.

i tried reinstall

tried error deleting

tried all dlc delete

tried validating

tried deleting all workshop items


it still wont work someone help me plz.

Can you please describe what happens when you run the program, in a new forum thread? Thank you.
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