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Posted by DaveLee, 01 November 2010 · 1,622 views

Hello again! Just in time for Halloween, my blog once again rises from the dead. Although I wrapped up the Zone project back in July, I just recently finished a 13 minute HD video tour of the completed project. I may be doing a "behind the scenes" video some time later on if there's interest.

For now, welcome to The Zone:


The whole video is very nice. Good Job man.

Just one issue: when you simulate the helicopter flight, the light is moving circular... You should made a linear moving light... :lol:

Anyway great job. Cong
This is absolutely fantastic work.

However there is a little tiny details that disturbs me.
The movie starts by telling that this area has no people since 1986.

Still there are fires burning !? Who made them?

But anyway. That's details. Awesome work .
the fires are made by stalkers.. :lol:
@RVL Thanks! I actually was going for a kind of spotlight that was moving around, as if the helicopter was scanning all over the Zone while changing altitudes.

@Roland I was careful to say almost no people.   :P  Also, uh, it wasn't "stalkers"! Of course not. They were... "explorers"... cough.  :lol:
"There are no people here, no PEOPLE" Just a constant flow of TV presenters and documentary makers.

Everytime I see your work I'm always wishing that the engine could stream in all that data instead of having to one-shot everything. It seriously curtails what you can do with it.

But stunning work, all the details you put in shows off the best of what the engine can do with a bit of hard work.

Pixel Perfect
Nov 01 2010 08:45 PM
Very nice Dave.  The music was excellent too!  Always great to see new takes on the Stalker theme and also just what the Leadwerks engine is capable of.
Excellent video! I loved the creepiness towards the end! Nice models and textures. :lol:
Excellent as always Dave !
Will we ever get a playable demo?
The scene was posted on the forum a while ago.

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