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Blender exporter for Leadwerks now available



Leadwerks Software has released an official Blender exporter for the Leadwerks model format. This allows Blender artists to export their models to Leadwerks with automatic materials generation and full animation, without going through the FBX format. The Blender exporter comes as the fulfillment of a stretch goal reached during the Leadwerks for Linux Kickstarter campaign, which achieved over 200% its goal of $20,000.




The Leadwerks exporter for Blender can be downloaded on the Leadwerks forum. A free forum account is required.


About Leadwerks Software

Leadwerks Software was founded in 2006 to build powerful game development tools that are easy to use. The company launched Leadwerks 3, their first multi-platform product, in April 2013 at the GDC expo. Last summer, the company conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring Leadwerks to the Linux operating system, reaching over 200% of their goal in just six weeks. A concurrent Greenlight campaign for Steam was also successful, making Leadwerks the first 3D game engine approved for distribution on Steam.

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This has been handy. I can create objects and materials quickly in Blender and then export them to Leadwerks; however, I do have some suggestions which I'll get to in a second.


Blender is great as anybody who's used it can tell ya. I have been using blender for nearly ten years and while I know Max and others too, I prefer Blender. It has a lot of great tools and with Cycles baking, it is only getting better for game developers.


From what I have found so far, the exporter will export objects by selection or all objects, as well as the assigned materials, but it wont import materials with fake users. That would be a nice option to have: "export fake user materials". IN order to get the materials to export, I must assigned them to an object first.


You have said you would like to use Blender tools as much as possible and I would agree that that would be a splendid idea. Cycles now has the option to bake scenes to textures; the entire scene with several objects and bake shadow and diffused light. I have used that option on entire levels and exported them into unity with a shadeless shader and they looked great. Having a way to export those out to leadwerks would be awesome.


I'm curious to know if it would be possible to also export megatextures from Blender?


Anyways, the exporter is of great help. Thanks!

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