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First blog entry - My game's technical demo CSCĐ:VMP



After 7 months learning Leadwerks Game Engine, I wanna show you guys my very first techdemo of my game smile.png





1. Fully functional GUI created by myself:

  • Menu are global for all maps
  • Adjust ingame graphic and show the result directly, (include night time and night vision goggle test - thanks to shadmar's shader)
  • Graphic settings can be saved to a config file for next time game starts
  • Let you choose game language, language can be saved too (if I want)
  • Scenarios selection (At this time, I only have one map)
  • Camera following mouse movement effect
  • Background music and sound effect for menu elements when not ingame
  • Faded in/out map loading screen

2. Custom FPS player controller

  • Switch between FPS / TPS Mode
  • Switch member to member in a squad (Squad managerment system)
  • You can see your own shadow and some body parts in FPS Mode
  • Can Walk / Sprint / Lean left / Lean right / Crouch
  • Player Breath control (this can affect weapon shooting)

3. Weapon system

  • Simulate movement when player walking/running
  • Can use attachments: flashlight, scope, suppressor (WIP), laser (WIP)
  • Simulate gun fire modes: single shot, double shot (AN94), burst shot (MP5), Full Automatic
  • Weapon safety ON/OFF
  • Weapon block when close to wall, NPC
  • Scope zoom level can be adjusted
  • Gun managzine manager system (reload has no animation yet)
  • Gun recoil control system
  • Good gun shells ejection physic.

4. AI System

  • NPC look at player with limited angle of his neck :"D

And many small features


Recommended Comments

Great job, its looking really good, love the UI, and the weapon works as it should...keep up the good work.

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