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The Asset Loader Class



In Turbo (Leadwerks 5) all asset types have a list of asset loader objects for loading different file formats. There are a number of built-in loaders for different file formats, but you can add your own by deriving the AssetLoader class or creating a script-based loader. Another new feature is that any scripts in the "Scripts/Start" folder get run when your game starts. Put those together, and you can add support for a new model or texture file format just by dropping a script in your project.

The following script can be used to add support for loading RAW image files as a model heightmap.

function LoadModelRaw(stream, asset, flags)
	--Calculate and verify heightmap size - expects 2 bytes per terrain point, power-of-two sized
	local datasize = stream:GetSize()
	local pointsize = 2
	local points = datasize / pointsize
	if points * pointsize ~= datasize then return nil end
	local size = math.sqrt(points)
	if size * size ~= points then return nil end
	if math.pow(2, math.log(size) / math.log(2)) ~= size then return nil end

	--Create model
	local modelbase = ModelBase(asset)
	modelbase.model = CreateModel(nil)
	local mesh = modelbase.model:AddMesh()

	--Build mesh from height data
	local x,y,height,v
	local textureScale = 4
	local terrainHeight = 100
	for x = 1, size do
		for y = 1, size do
			height = stream:ReadUShort() / 65536
			v = mesh.AddVertex(x,height * terrainHeight,y, 0,1,0, x/textureScale, y/textureScale, 0,0, 1,1,1,1)
			if x > 1 and y > 1 then
				mesh:AddTriangle(v, v - size - 1, v - size)
				mesh:AddTriangle(v, v - 1, v - size - 1)

	--Finalize the mesh

	--Finalize the model
	return true


Loading a heightmap is just like loading any other model file:

auto model = LoadModel(world,"Models/Terrain/island.r16");

This will provide a temporary solution for terrain until the full system is finished.

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Neat. Is there a specific entry function for the start scripts, or just it just "import" the script into memory?

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