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Our second game - a short description



Long time, no entry ;)


In my first post I talked about me (Raul) about my team: RVL Games and about our first game: RVL Hacker.


From January we are working to a HOG like casual game (HOG = hidden object game). We decided to make such a game because we hope we will sell it easier. The game design is made by a friend of mine and the graphics by another guy. The game engine is made by James Poag a freelancer programmer from USA. The game has 10 levels with 2-3 hidden object scenes per level and several minigames between levels. The music is created by Pasi Pitkänen a very talented guy and this is his first game for which he compose. [i think there is a mistake somewhere in the last phrase]


The end of current month will be the end of the first phase of the project. We will start a seriously QA test to correct all the nasty bugs. Also before 1st August we will send a demo to all major casual portals like bfg and we will waiting for potential contracts.


I will continue this blog post in a few weeks with more details, with screens and with some numbers.




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