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Viewport face/object painting

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After doing some level design in the editor, it became quite clear that the texture assigning part was very unnecessarily slow.


I'm not just slapping a texture on entire boxes, I'm using the caulk material to optimize for performance, then applying the texture on only visible faces.


Having to click on each face, then clicking 'apply texture' is hindering my workflow. And the shortcut (Ctrl + P) is definitely not any better. I'd rather not have to take my hand off the mouse to do things.


Something I would like to see is shortcut/keyboard customization to ease this problem.

But I also thought of a feature which could help even more:

A texture painting mode, where it acts like the face selection mode, except when you click, it applies it instantly, rather than having to highlight each one, then apply it. What would make this even better would be a click and hold painting feature that applied the texture to faces as long as your mouse is held down.


This would speed up level creation by a huge amount, and would be so much less tedious.

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Yes, that's what I'm trying to do, but I'm saying it should be quicker. Ctrl to select multiple faces is how I've been doing it, but you still either need to drag the material on, press the apply material button, or press Ctrl + P. When you're trying to work fast, Ctrl + P is a terrible shortcut, as you need to take your hand off the mouse to get to it.

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