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Real Mirror

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Hello guys,


I'm trying to do some mirrors, and in my first try I used a Camera render target.

Camera render target looks like a good solution for security cameras and such, but as a mirror not so much :/




Anyone know how I could do a mirror, like the one in the video? I mean reflect stuff based the angle that you look at it.



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Why don't you just rotate the camera depending on player position?


Hello and thank you for your suggestion, I will do some tests.

Maybe we can use some shader or probes to do the same?

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The probes aren't dynamic, so you won't be able to see the player. The SSLR shader won't work because the back of the player will be culled in a third person game and hidden in a first-person game. Basically, you can't use that shader for anything that's not currently displayed on camera.

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Yep, you've basically got to position and rotate the camera opposite of the player eye, across the plane.




I haven't done this, but our water reflections work the same way. Now with water reflection on a vertical plane, I scale the camera by 1,-1,1 so the image is inverted. You might have to experiment with this, or maybe just drawing the image backwards on the mirror surface will work.


Finally, you will need a clipping plane across the mirror surface, so the reflection doesn't include objects behind the mirror. You can transform the plane of the mirror to camera space (Transform::Plane()) and send this to your mirror shader, then set the super-secret GraphicsDriver clipplane member to this:

graphicsdriver->clipplane[0] = plane;


This plane will then be uploaded to every shader.


This requires C++, so the pro edition is needed. It's not really supported right now, but it is possible to implement and if you get anywhere with it I'm happy to do what I can on my end to make it easier. A reusable mirror plane prefab would be a pretty cool addition to the Workshop.

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