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Lost my Leadwerks Steam... Any help possible? (JOSH PLEASE SEE)

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First post here in a couple years... Unfortunately, not a good thing. I have an interest in Leadwerks again, but unfortunately, I no longer have access to the Steam account I purchased it with, or the email tied to that account. I've tried contacting Steam support and they have given me no response.


So I'm asking you guys for help. Is there anything I can do about this? I've lost a $200 value (I had the Professional Edition DLC), and I really want to use Leadwerks for my next project. Anybody have any suggestions or ways to help?



I still have my original purchase receipt for both Leadwerks and the Professional Edition DLC. If there is any way you can get me a copy of Leadwerks if I show them to you, (or help at all), I'd be infinitely grateful.


Thank you. I hope everyone has a great rest of their day.

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Steam support usually returns your account if you confirm your purchases with keys or credit card info, but they answer very slow, you may need to wait a few weeks.

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