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Leadwerks 3 begins closed beta test



blog-0683217001353008947.pngLeadwerks 3 is a new game engine purpose-built for mobile. By building the entire platform on pure native code, Leadwerks aims to bring a new level of performance and flexibility to 3D mobile games.


After two years of development, the team is now beginning a closed beta test. Select members of the community will provide feedback and testing so that final bug fixes and refinements can be made.


You can sign up to our mailing list for up to date information as we finish up development of the new Leadwerks. Visit www.leadwerks.com to learn more.


Recommended Comments

Why didn't I get beta invitation, I even bought the source version, and I have a Galaxy S2 to test it too! smile.png


Oh well, I guess I will beta test it when it comes out then, like always. Testing is my speciality, I test everything, over and over again.

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Guest Red Ocktober


yay!! work those testers hard!! work em long!!


glad to see that 3 has arrived at this stage in the dev cycle...



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Nice. i hoped that it gets released today on my Birthday when i got that e-mail. But that sounds good anyway. :)


Hope the testers don´t find any big showstoppers or at least that they can be fixed easily.

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Thank you all for the encouragement. Beta testers were chosen based on who had recently best demonstrated complex gameplay in their Leadwerks projects.

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I highly recommend Macklebee and Marley's Ghost for closed beta invite. I believe everyone, especially the veterans here, would agree and know exactly why they deserve the invite.


Congratulations on moving to closed beta milestone, Josh.


EDIT: Throw Pixel Perfect into that list too.

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There are others who deserve to be in the group, but I need a small group right now. We'll open it up more as we go on.

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Well for future consideration. Macklebee, Marley Ghost & DaDonik. All three very honest and very capable.


Sometimes the silent giants do the best work.


Of course I'd like in as well wink.png but I'm not about to sing myself praises.

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Oh well, I guess I will beta test it when it comes out then, like always. Testing is my speciality, I test everything, over and over again.


Flip the switch Igor!

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Depends what kind of testing is being done. My day job is development/testing of medical software, we pretty much try to ensure every release goes out with zero defects. I can write you a test plan and some test specs for Leadwerks3D that you can expand on, then you'll have some consistent release testing. Gawwwd knows Leadwerks 2.x could have done with that.


Wouldn't have time to test anything myself but Mac is a capable guy as are others but Mac ;)

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