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Found 3 results

  1. I purchased Leadwerks and the DLC via Steam. The software would run before I bought the DLC. After buying the DLC, the software does not run at all. It will not start with or without the DLC being installed. The only message it displays is Steam's "Preparing to Launch" message box. The box vanishes and nothing runs. There are no error messages. I am using a Windows 10, 64Bit laptop. 12GB RAM. Intel 5500 video chip with the latest drivers (March 2017 driver). I have verified that DirectX 12 and OpenGL are running properly (Verified DirectX by DXdiag.exe. Verified OpenGL up to version 4.4 by GLView from Realtech VR). I asked for help on the Steam network and was told to come to this forum for assistance. How can I get this software to run again?
  2. Hey guys I'm new to posting on the forum but I have looked everywhere for this issue and some people had this issue but their solutions didn't work. Anyway, anything that I add from the workshop is not working, I get the failed to download error. You can see in the attached file (background from one of the tutorials ) where the error happens. This does in fact happen with every DLC I have tried. I saw someone note that new addons are possibly zipped but cannot find said files. checked the addons folder and only has previous addons I had in the past (over a year ago) any help would be great! You can see in the second picture that the addons folder only has the old addons I had over a year ago, none of the new ones I have tried. I also want to note that I did reinstall as well and tried in adminstrator. Cheers!
  3. Hello, When running the observatory.map file, I recieve the following error: Failed to load material "C:/Users/Josh/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/MyGame/AddOns/SciFi Interior Construction Kit/sektor74587.mat". (The Sci-Fi interior DLC was obtained via Steam, if that's relevant) Cheers, Stu
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