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Found 6 results

  1. I'm planning to use LOT'S of decals in my project. I will use them to for signs, labels, dirt etc. My question is, before I go ahead, do they eat lot of processing power? What if I have a prefab with ten decals and then I have that prefab used in 20 different places? Even hundreds? Well, yes best way is to test it But wanted to ask if it is just plain stupid thing to do one should not even try. Another question, can we have emissive decals? I created "Emissive decal" by applying it over emissive surface (needed to reverse the decal though), but although it works, It is not usable in many scenarios. And yet another question, how would you create a piece of paper with text on it? I planned to use decal for that, but it obviously looks like painted to the surface, not separate piece of paper.
  2. Running into some difficulties with blurry terrain texture i was trying to solve them using decals. I painted a texture, added an alpa channel, saved it as a tga file. imported into leadwerks, created a normal map, made it a material... same with png format... i copied all the settings from the engine decals... besides the fact the material got all red when Z-sort was unchecked down below is the result... i can run into the cube and see the decal on its walls but not painted onto the terrain. my question now is what did you guys do to get working decals or the other way round what did i do wrong?
  3. Not something I need but I mention it as it is something that is supposed to work well with deferred rendering engines.... This is something I came across while reading the docs for Decal Machine (https://machin3.io/DECALmachine/) a low cost Blender Addon that I think is gaining a lot of attention right now. From the Decal Machine docs https://machin3.io/DECALmachine/docs/installation/index.html#instructions Currently I am hoping that I can use Decal Machine to bake out normal maps and but I'm not sure it is supported yet (development is moving quite fast though). I think there is an imminent Unreal exporter but I'm not sure if that uses this geometry rendering for decals or not. Thought I'd mention it in case it is something that Leadwerks is suited to implementing fast (at some point in the future) if it suits the architecture well.
  4. Hi Guys, So I have come up with a specific idea in my mind for an event that is going to happen in my game but I need to know a few things before I attempt to try and create it. Basically I want footprints to start walking across my floor in my map (wet footprints to be specific) but I want this to be revealed in front of the player as if there is an invisible person walking in realtime and all they can see is the footprints of the water on the floor. I was wondering at first how to achieve this then I thought the decal system in Leadwerks may just make this work. My questions are: Is there a way to reveal decals in real time (some sort of way to mask them and then move that mask, just a thought). If decals isn't the answer, what tools in Leadwerks would be able to achieve something like this? My first thought would be to get a character and put an invisible material on that character and use decals for the footprints and somehow reveal them that way. Right now all I have is idea's but nothing seems to make me think that it would work haha. Thanks.
  5. Using the latest shaders, if place a decal on the floor at the map origin, the decal will appear fine. If you move it around, you'll see it move with the decal placement plus a little bit of distance from the map origin. If you place it too far from the map origin, the decal will not appear. The old shader does not do this.
  6. Place a decal (10x10x10, wound,mat) on a terrain slope (08-Terrain.map) and you will get holes in the decal.
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