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Found 12 results

  1. Running Windows 10 Home x64, Leadwerks 4.3, Steam Indie Ver Start a new project. Create 2 Boxes, make box2 the child of box1, save as a prefab. Delete the boxes, place the prefab anywhere. Attempt to re size it, in any of the views, you will get a confirmation dialogue asking if you would like to break the prefab connection. Clicking yes results in EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION with no error code and quits.
  2. If I create a prefab of decal with "Paint models" option disabled and load this prefab in code, this decal will still be visible on models and GetRenderMode(Object.ModelClass) will return true. Though, loading this prefab in editor will work correctly, Paint models will be off.
  3. Would like to begin by thanking Josh for all the support I've seen from him on other topics. I've been looking for a way to walk through the game world I've created but I can't seem to be able to find an FPS player prefab. I would think that something simple would be available in the original content. I've tried using a crawler but adding the FPS player script and setting the mass to 10, physics mode to character controller and collision type to character isn't working. The controls bring up nill errors implying that I'm missing controller commands in my script. However I cant imagine that being the case when I've not edited any script for my game yet. I'm guessing the information attached to the crawler is not compatible with the FPS player script ...how might I go about solving this issue?
  4. Hello, I am trying to check the world for a prefab entity. I can retrieve the names for model entities but not the prefabs. If I change the name of the prefab(returning it to a model) it will get said value. I am trying to write a script in Lua to check if the "FPSPLayer" is present in the world, if the player is not present then create a camera. If I check for a model entity and it is present the camera is not created, if not present it creates the camera, so I know my script works just not for any prefab item. I have tried several prefabs with no avail. Models return "name" just fine. I found a function posted by Rick and modded it to use on a pivot with a key-press, thanks for all your posts have learned a lot. ty to all others who help in the forum also. function Script:Start() end function Script:UpdateWorld() if window:KeyHit(Key.I) then self:FindEntity() end end function Script:FindEntity(entityName) local x local world = World:GetCurrent() for x = 0, world:CountEntities() - 1 do local entity = world:GetEntity(x) System:Print("name = "..entity:GetKeyValue("name")) if entity:GetKeyValue("name") == entityName then return entity end end return nil end if I run this the output is listed below. I have the player prefab and controller prefab in the scene. I noticed CSG objects do not appear also with the exception of the Arch 1 which I did not rename. Loading shader "C:/Users/klanp_000/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/test/Shaders/Model/Shadow/shadow.shader"... Loading shader "C:/Users/klanp_000/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/test/Shaders/Lighting/directionallight.shader"... name = name = name = name = name = name = name = name = name = name = name = controller name = name = name = generic name = firepit name = brick name = Pivot 2 name = Arch 1 name = track_loader name = Directional Light Process Complete. any help appreciated, ty kirk
  5. Add the attached caulk prefab object to an empty map. Now move or rotate it. Letters will "slide" off the brush face. Texture lock is enabled. prefab.zip
  6. Hi Bought the engine and been doing some tutorials. Awesome stuff. While doing some tutorial I noticed some strange stuff. Script.respawnPoint ="" --entity "Respawn Point" function Script:Collision(entity, position, normal, speed) if entity:GetKeyValue("name") == "FPSPlayer" then spawnPos = self.respawnPoint:GetPosition() entity:SetPosition(spawnPos) end end The above code does not work on prefab ? If I change some property values, then the warning comes up telling me that this is not going to be an instanced prefab. If I clicked "OK" the above code will works otherwise it wont work. (I tested multiple times to confirm this) I following tutorials from this guy. He is using version 3.1 and the same codes work on prefab (based from the video) Also I think I notice someone else having the same problem here, I think.. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/11631-incomplete-objects-with-collision-type-trigger-always-box/#entry84154 I'm using the beta branch(4.0). Thanks
  7. Hi there, having to trouble with my Scripts. I'm using an Spawn Script for Zombies. This works finde in Editor Mode and Debug. No Problems so far. After Publishing the Game. On first spawn i get following Error Message: Error: Failed to read file "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/ZombieZ-Starter/GameStarter/G ameStarter/bin/Debug/Data/Horde/offshore/AddOns/Zombie Character Pack/zombie1.pfb". Error: Failed to load prefab "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/ZombieZ-Starter/GameStarter /GameStarter/bin/Debug/Data/Horde/offshore/AddOns/Zombie Character Pack/zombie1.pfb". Lua Error: [string "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/ZombieZ-Starter/GameStarter/GameStart er/bin/Debug/Data/Horde/offshore/scripts/gamecontroller.lua"]:99: attempt to index local 'zombie' (a nil value) I guess the problem is that the script wants to load the file from this path: C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/ZombieZ-Starter/GameStarter /GameStarter/bin/Debug/Data/Horde/offshore/AddOns/Zombie Character Pack/zombie1.pfb This can not work, because all of the Game Data is zipped in the Data directory. Any idea how to fix this issue?
  8. Hello everyone. I need help with a problem that has arisen when I started using the game engine. When I try to put on the map to see the player as the game is running, it does not appear that the prefab anywhere. I searched all folders and does not appear I even uninstalled and reinstalled the software and nothing. I not find him and I can not use the engine. Please someone who knows how to solve the problem? Thanks.
  9. Good evening all, i have a question. How is a simple way to use procedural generation to create Voxels that are encompassed by an smooth iso surface. That i generate those in a kind of "blocky" form and just readjust the shape to be smooth. Maybe with ussage of the marching cubes algorithm. But if the User manipulates it it has to recalculate the shape again to keep the smotthness even with the adding or substraction of some voxels. Maybe the "Terrain" asset may be usefull for this ? I dont have much experience in Leadwerks and just started using it. Before it i used Unity a lot. Is something like this even possible in Leadwerks ? Would be great if you could help me out. Best Regards HAL
  10. today i collapse a modell, saved it again as prefab. the object in the scene treeview looks wrong. there was still the old hirachie with more objects visible. the tree need a compleate refresh. i saved the map, open the map and it looks ok.
  11. Note: I'm very new to Leadwerks, so most likely I'm missing something obvious. I've created a 512x512 floor block and I'm trying to load a 4x4 square of them with the following code: --Dynamically create some dungeon geometry: System:Print("loading dynamic floor") self.floors = {} for i = 1, 4 do for j = 1, 4 do floor = Prefab:Load("Prefabs/Tinyboss/floor2.pfb") table.insert(self.floors, floor) floor:SetPosition(2048+512*i, 0, 512*j) System:Print(floor:GetPosition().x.." "..floor:GetPosition().y.." "..floor:GetPosition().z) end end self.FirstTime = false (I put it at the end of the App:Start function in app.lua. I also tried running it once in the App:Loop function, but that didn't help.) When I run with F6, I see all the stuff that I've added in the editor, but none of the dynamically loaded floor tiles show up. I can tell from the print statements that entities are getting loaded and their positions are being set, but I don't see any of them. Is there something else I need to do to add them to the current scene, or something else I'm missing here? Thanks!
  12. Flag shader with some controls : Install: unzip into project root Drag Prefabs/Flag/LEFlag into scene Adjustables: In scene/script tab Wind Frequency Wobble SpeedFactor You can easily swap out the flag model with something more exciting than mine. Pics shows when wind is 0.5 and 1.0 flag.zip
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