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Newcomer Questions?

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I just recently purchased the leadwerks engine along with many additions due to a sale on Steam.

I had a couple of questions regarding your Engine API.

Is there any C++ templates available for starting off in c++ and maybe where?

The biggest question is this though from me.ย  I'm trying to learn the tutorials and I just can't get the startup files to be plain. without game?

I wanted to work my way through them as a learning course but it seems every time a start a new project startup I get the whole game(s)? not where I could follow along

with the tutorials step by step as what I would love to do. So, the question is where on earth do I find the basic startup files?

Any ideas or thoughts to help would be greatly appreciated. I can't wait to use the product this way! I love how this has come along though. as I might have talk to some of your techs in the past.





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This is a bummer!

Although I can use the tutorial start.map files they DO NOT! Match the tutorial guide.

They start with a much bigger game.ย  Say, Marble Game Tutorial for example

it DOES NOT start with floor and two models it starts with a Complete Game. Auuughhhhh!!!

I want to learn the tutorials follow them badly is there a way someone can please HELP me.

I want to follow along step - by - step with the tutorials to learn the engine!


and if anyone knows where I can get the C++ project files that would help too.

thanks a billion!

Scott B.

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