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Leadwerks 3 on Windows 8



I picked up an Intel SSD for fairly cheap and installed the Windows 8 Release Preview on it. With this configuration boots up in about 5 seconds. I actually spend a lot longer waiting for BIOS to finish than for Windows to start, which is fantastic.


Anyways, it makes sense to me to take screenshots for the docs from the newest version of Windows 8 since Windows is still the dominant operating system. I couldn't find a driver for my ATI 3850, so I swapped it out for a GEForce 480. Here's Leadwerks 3 running in Windows 8. It runs perfectly and doesn't look too bad.







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Nice to see. I tested Win8 on one machine and also found that all seems good. I'm running Win7 on my development computer but I could see no reason for using Win8. As always when something new comes along their are a long row of skeptics but I think Win8 will be quite nice. Its faster and the new theme is quite nice.

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Guest Red Ocktober


i can't take this any more... i'm heading over to CA and breaking into your office :)



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I am deffinetly going to purchase it ones it is released. in combo with SSD it is going to be so incredibly superfast. I really like the release preview and I have to say that I really like the new interface.

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