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Found 10 results

  1. Hello again, I finally got footsteps sounds to work properly on the correct material using triggers. But I have been unable to get a sound to be played at the correct time when the player jumps and lands on a material. How would I implement such a feature using a trigger? EDIT: I manged to work this out in the end. I did this by making global variables of both the players jump status with the GetAirborne command and the players current speed using GetVelocity():Length command. I then made a jump trigger box combined with the necessary commands for collision detection. Upon player collision, my jump trigger sets a global isJumping variable to false (isJumping is set to true when the player leaves the jump trigger). Finally I added an if statement to check if the player is airborne and moving, if this is true then I set the isJumping variable to true. (Making sure to make an if statement in the character controller to play the landing sounds when the isJumping variable = true). Not very efficient at all but it does as it is intended. As this is my first project and experience with LUA I feel I can get away with it until I can think of a better method. If anyone else is having this problem feel free to shoot me a message and I'll gladly tell you what I did and even share my code with you.
  2. I have the basic scene up (just the ground (rectangular prism) and the cube). Added the character controller on. Its feet are level with the ground and I have not touched any of the player's settings. Cannot move when running the game. No errors or warnings in Debug menu either. What am I doing wrong. I tried lifting the player model above the ground and that didn't work either. Sorry I'm new.
  3. Operating system or device - Leadwerks Version: Windows 7 Pro x64 Leadwerks 4.2 Beta BuildID:1737986 Issue description (what happened, and what was expected): Issue Models with physics that drop onto the character controller will bounce higher [*]What was expected The model to hit the top of the character controller then fall off. Steps to reproduce Load the fps AI and events map Pick up any entity Look directly up Drop it Link to minimal example project No project just a video
  4. I have some simple flying AI enemies that close distance to a player and I've started out just using simple distance checks, turns and moves as I thought that using standard character controller monster AI would not work for flying enemies. Is it right that character controller is not suitable for flying enemies,or should it work if set up or 'faked' right (e.g. some pivot to act as a 'ground foot' or something - fro me it may not be suitable as my enemies descend from high and should pass over obstacles they are currently above)? I'm thinking the character controller is designed for enemies that touch the ground in order to make use of the navigation mesh? Anyone got any feedback on how they went about flying enemies?
  5. I want to go 3D with my 2D Side scroller character controller. As you can see at the bottom I want to program a tourning controlIer. It is pretty much easy to explain but for me hard to think of how to approach this. I dont want to use hundreds of pivots for each angle thats for sure:) But what would be any good way to make this ? source:
  6. One problem I found is that there is no way to change the crouch height which creates a big problem when you want the character to go into small spaces such as vents. A command such as SetCrouchHeight(float height) would be ideal.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm a newcomer to Lua and Leadwerks. I have imported a premade animated model into Leadwerks in FBX format. It works perfectly however I can't find any reference about activate animations through LUA scripting. E.g. I would like to make a character walking forward on W KeyHit. All tutorials I've found till now are about C++.. Can anyone help me?
  8. Ok so I have a mesh character that I modified so it has as few vertex's as possible to make sure the engine doesnt over load. But when I use it as a character controller the fps goes to ****. If i am not using it as a controller it seems fine. The character is bone rigged, has 10 prims 5 spheres 5 custom mesh all are on low poly as possible
  9. Sometimes the character controller appears to not step over very thin objects. For example, when using the bober trainstation from the workshop, the character controller will get stuck on the various debris and even some of the slightly elevated door frames (yet the navmesh generation still points to them as valid paths, as they should be).
  10. When I walk on terrain with a Character Controller my memory usage consistently goes up. I tested this by using the Terrain map in the MyGame project with a Character Controller using the FPSplayer.script. I also put a check for memory usage and collectgarbage() in my main App Loop. Further details can be found in the video I made-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj0brR8_7eQ&feature=youtu.be
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