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Found 9 results

  1. dad

    Shadow issue

    Hey, I seem to have an issue with shadows being cast/spread on my models. and I don't know what's causing it. For reference here's an image of what it looks like in Blender: Here's an overview of my material settings: The lighting settings are the standard the scene loads up with. also, there are no shaders or any sort of post processing added. Any help is very much appreciated.
  2. Hi, Go to little quiestion about shadows in leadwerks. 1-is it possible to cast the shadow of an alpha test textures? i tried to look if they was a shader to apply in the shadow shader slot in the material editor. but didnt find a shader That would do that... 2-I have notice a lot of shadow glitch. (please check the screenshot below) In my Project I have a multi level house and I can see some random artefact on the wall inside my house. Those artefact disapear when I move the light on the room above the artefact but they usually re appear when I reload the map. I can also sometime see some of those artefact appear when I add or move an object in the scene... are those already being reported? is there a way to fix those or limit them. Thank you ten
  3. Hi all, i've noticed this strange thing time ago, but, because has not ben resolved, now want to discuss with you about it. I'va attached a very simple map, that everyone can create by itself. When map is loaded pay attention to sun rotation and the trees shadows: There shouldn't be a big mountain shadow that cover all the area?? There is also a spotlight pointed on a mountain but the same problem appears, no terrain shadow is drawn. Shouldn't be a sort of bug this?? Shadow_bug.rar
  4. I cannot find any vegetation items that don't have a shadow shader assigned. What else can cause this kind of strange artifact? It looks like a grass texture but doesn't match any grass textures I'm actually using that I can tell.
  5. Hi, API reference does not mention anything but can sprite have a shadow ? Thanks
  6. Ok so im creating a jumping parkour game and if you fall you into lava you respawn and my lava has shadows on it from the objects you jump so how do you get rid of the shadow and make the lava bright and having light (which is a giant rectangle with lava textures)
  7. the Directional Light cast static shadow through solid wall modells. this happens if a light is under a pivot in scene tree view. i do not use the pivot as grouping in scene tree view anymore, it make 10 problems.
  8. Hi, When I change the projection mode of my camera to orthographic, the shadows disappear. Is that normal? Did I miss something?
  9. I just found that if you rotate a box csg, the shadow continues to use a backface culled version instead of updating it.
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