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Found 22 results

  1. Took a break from 3d modeling work for the past few days, decided to play around with lighting and other effects in 3ds max to get a general sense of what types of environment/moods can be created. I made a material with some emissive maps and applied it to my simple cube scene, thought I would post it since it turned out pretty cool (3ds max rendering): More to come later on...
  2. As of just now, I have finished creating all of the individual color ID maps for the floor textures, seen below in my progress tracker. Next steps which I plan on carrying out (bolded are the ones I intend to focus on in the next month or so): Finish modeling wall textures (30 ish to go). Finish modeling a few detail textures. Create material ID maps for all wall/detail textures (60+ to go). Paint all diffuse maps using a common substance painter project file(s) to maintain consistency and allow for texture creation in an assembly-line fashion This will save me immense amounts of time with the texture painting process, and also allows me to add even more variant maps (paint colors, rust, cleanliness etc). Create modular environments in 3ds max using floor/wall/trim/detail textures that will fit on a common grid size Will likely have to model/bake additional greeble textures for this step, although this will be simple and not time consuming as I can splice the existing high poly models I have available. This will allow me to cannibalize some details and spend as little time modeling from scratch as possible. Pipes, structural elements, etc. Create props crates, desks, canisters, infectious growths, lighting elements, blood decals, doors with animations, etc.
  3. Work is continuing on my upcoming scifi mega pack that is inching closer and closer to being released - today I decided to compile a few PBR materials that I created as some more tests in substance painter. The below images show a simple 3ds max scene that I blocked out in a few minutes as well as some renders from substance painter. Materials available in uncompressed PNG format and are 2k textures. They are also perfectly seamless and will tile in all directions. I am providing these free of charge to be used for shader testing in the new engine, your own projects, or for learning purposes. They are not set up for a legacy normal-specular workflow so if you want to use them in the current version of leadwerks, you will have to follow some tutorials online to generate a spec-gloss map using your preferred photo editor. Thanks for the continuing support in this huge undertaking, still a lot of work left to do but I am hoping for a release around the end of this year to the beginning of next year. If there are any questions about the pack or the files that I am giving away, please do not hesitate to ask here or in my work in progres thread: -TWahl PBR_scifi_test_materials_free.7z
  4. when i import a new weapon and add a diffuse.shader and textures in the material editor and save this all the animations stop playing of the weapon or they play stupid in the model editor and ingame when i remove the material in model editor of my weapon and add a fake empty material the animation are playing again in the model editor and ingame and when i change rotation to of the weapon 90 degrees is ok but when i use -9.0 on the y axis the weapon disappeare but when its -8.0 first the weapon is not there ingame but when i use left mouse to fire, the weapon appeare on screen ingame, this is both on steam leadwerks 4.5 and 4.6beta standard edition
  5. Hi I created a material for a number of objects in my game. They material is applied to the object when in debug mode; however, when I try to publish the game the material does not publish with it. The objects created show up as standard white objects. Thanks
  6. dad

    Shadow issue

    Hey, I seem to have an issue with shadows being cast/spread on my models. and I don't know what's causing it. For reference here's an image of what it looks like in Blender: Here's an overview of my material settings: The lighting settings are the standard the scene loads up with. also, there are no shaders or any sort of post processing added. Any help is very much appreciated.
  7. I'm currently writing a test using PBR shader. Right now it works, but I'm using pre-calculated environment (irradiance) map. I know that an environment is provided with the deferred rendering, but I want to use the texture sampler in the main shader because the calculation for the sampling (importance) is different. I would like to know if it is possible to access the sampler (to be bound) when during the 1st pass of the deferred. (for example texture15). Thanks;
  8. I want to create a glass which has a fake image reflection and a bit transparent, can be used for animated model. How can I achieve this?
  9. CorzaX24


    Hi there, I have been able to add water into my work using a downloaded water material from the workshop, which also comes with a CheapWater.lua script. It works fine but, oddly enough, looks "cheap". My question is, is there something else out there looks somewhat nicer or more realistic? I havent been able to find anything. Not to mention, I can walk across it and not actually go under/into the water... Thanks
  10. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/tutorials/_/scene-panel-r3 When I hold control down and left-click on the lights, it ignores either control key, and instead selects only the one that I just clicked on. If I continue to use this software, this will waste an enormous amount of time if it's not fixed. However, I can select multiple faces by holding the control key. (this is a major bug or logical error) When I click on an object that's already selected in the top-left viewport, it gets deselected in the scene panel. (just an annoyance, but it needs fixed) When I hit the delete key when the object is selected, it won't delete. I have to use the delete button on the toolbar. (either a bug or a logical error?) When I select an object like a cylinder or box, and I type in 90.0 degrees, nothing happens when I hit enter. I have to click out of the text box for its rotation to change. (either a bug or a logical error?) In tutorial 7, when I was creating the leaf material, it applies the last-used normal map to my leaf material when I chose the diffuse+normal+alphamask.shader file. (this is a major bug or logical error) When I try dragging a material file in the assets tab over to the brush I want to use, nothing happens. The cursor just shows the hand icon like it's over a hyperlink, and it doesn't show anything getting dragged. (just an annoyance, but it needs fixed) I just created a cylinder. The wood material was already selected before I created it, so it looks like wood. When I click on "X" to clear the material in the Appearance tab under the Scene tab, it removes wood.mat from the text box, but when I click on something else, or click on empty space in the top-left viewport, it still has the wood material. When I select the cylinder again, the text has returned. It still has the wood material assigned to it. (this is a major bug or logical error) I know you would usually have a material on an object, but in this case, I want to create a plain object without any texture. Is that possible to do after you created an object and applied a material to it? This is all I have found so far. I also don't have as many buttons on my main toolbar as the person who made the tutorial, and I have the Professional Edition "DLC" installed. I'm learning how to do stuff at a nice pace, but if these are problems with the software itself, then I'm merely reporting them so they can be fixed. If these are problems because of my own ignorance, please tell me what I'm doing wrong, however, I'm pretty sure most of them are not operator errors. I have Leadwerks Editor I'm using Linux. I can provide any other information about my system if it's relevant. For the most part, I like this ide. Please fix these bugs. Thanks
  11. Hi. I want to know if it's possible to get leadwerks to do this automatically when an fbx is imported: look for embedded or referenced materials/textures (does not seem to work by default) set scaling for the model to 1.01 units to 10.1 cm show up correctly when inspected in preview tool I'm using autocad 2015 to make the models and materialize/texture them but it's awkward to import them. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hello, sorry I'm new to this. I was testing some things of the engine and tried to add the tessellation shader but I can't make it work. I get the example from this page: "Pass the tessellation, please!" I unzipped the file and folder extracted in the engine. After i add an object as a material the "PassThrough.mat" and gives me an error and editor closes. What can I do? Thank you
  13. Need a material that generates its own light, to simulate an LED strip, for example. I have been searching the wiki and steam but I have not found anything. As similar I managed to test it by inserting a point light to a model and put the shader emissive material. Attached a picture. Thanks!
  14. Hello! I'm puzzled by the SetMaterial() behavior. I have a scene with randomly disposed cubes made in the editor. When I do the mouse pick on a cube, I check its material, and switch/toggle the material of the cube. I have two separate materials, one with and the other without the emission texture/shader. Now, when I pick the closest cube and toggle its material, some of the other cubes (but not all) get the same material. Sometimes only one cube switches material, sometimes two or more. Everytime the same group of cubes react to the single cube picking/material setting, so apparently that's not something random. For the sake of completeness, I have tried to make individual cubes both with brushes and CTRL-axis drag & drop. The result is similar. Now, I suppose that this behavior has something to do with the Entity:Instance() VS Entity:Copy(). But could be totally wrong N.B. I use the closest entity option in the Pick routine. Here is my pick routine: local window = Window:GetCurrent() local context = Context:GetCurrent() if (window:MouseHit(1)) then local pickinfo = PickInfo() if (self.camera:Pick(context:GetWidth() / 2, context:GetHeight() / 2,pickinfo,0,true)) then if (pickinfo.entity:GetMaterial() == self.blokMatNormal) then pickinfo.entity:SetMaterial(self.blokMatEmissive) else pickinfo.entity:SetMaterial(self.blokMatNormal) end end end
  15. Zeirus

    Water in a tub

    Hi, Is there a material to create a block of static or animated water in a tub? I have not found it
  16. Hello everyone and thank you for having a look at the issue I'm having! I am trying(<-emphasis) to make a game that starts out on a spacecraft and then (via disaster and escape pod) crash lands on earth. At this point in time I am watching the tutorials and learning as I go on how to use the editor. This issue I'm having is with a material in the SciFi Interior Construction Kit, in particular 'windowb.mat'. When I am using the material as a window I cannot see far enough to see the engines of the spacecraft, and when I just delete the wall I can see them, below is what I am on about: WINDOW: NO WINDOW: I'm sorry that the images are so large! Anyway, I hope that you can see the issue that I am having and I hope that there is a solution! Please and thank you for all and any help that I receive PS: I mentioned the two lines of backstory as I will be posting here if I get stuck again...
  17. Hi, I'm new to GLSL coding so I hope this isn't a silly question. I am trying to use a second UV map for a diffuse detail texture on models imported from blender. I made a modified version of the diffuse+normal+specular shader by adding the extra code: //Extra code added to vertex shader //Attributes in vec2 vertex_texcoords1; //Outputs out vec2 ex_texcoords1; void main() { ex_texcoords1 = vertex_texcoords1; } //Extra code added to fragment shader //Uniforms uniform sampler2D texture4; //detail map //Inputs in vec2 ex_texcoords1; void main(void) { outcolor += texture(texture4,ex_texcoords1); } This does not appear to work, this may be because the code is wrong or because the model does not get imported into leadwerks with more than one UV map. If someone could enlighten me I would be very grateful. Thanks, El
  18. I found this shader in the Leadwerks shader folder: diffuse+normal+specular+env.shader Anyway, I am assuming this shader is sort of like a reflection shader, but I can't get it to display. Has anyone used this shader before for a material? If so, do you know what texture slots should be filled with what?
  19. Hello everybody, I'm new here and I bought LeadWerks today. I've made a pretty simple 3D character with a 400 frames animation track containing the idle and the run animation. So I read all the topic and tutorials on how to get blender models to LeadWerks. But my model armature still messed up on LeadWerks. When I export a .fbx file my animation track are here but my armature is not correctly rig to my character like in blender. If I export with the addon for Blender my animation track isn't available in LeadWerks and my armature is messed up the same way as the .fbx file. Please help me Thanks in advance. Lionel
  20. Either I've missed a stage out in the process or I've simply misunderstood something. I create a material for a floor surface and then create a simple box primitive shaped at 300x300x50. I drop the material onto the box and go to faces and centre it so it fits nicely. From the scene I then right click and save as a prefab. When I drag from the prefab folder into the scene the texture is as I expect, but if I move the object in the scene the texture jumps to a random offset so that I have to go back into the face editor and re-orientate it again. Is there any way to ensure the texture stays pinned as saved?
  21. Okay this may sound dumb but my textures arnt working. In my 3d modeling program they all look fine, and in the texture preview they look fine. Yet when they are on the model its just a solid color not my texture. Its not with all my models though, as my monsters all look fine. There is also an issue with the weapons as they look fine and textured in the previewer, but when in game they to are solid color. Not sure if things are going wrong when I import the models or if there is just an issue with how the texturing is being applied. Please do tell me I am not the only one with this issue!
  22. When I apply a material to one of the imported models, the models stop being displayed in the Textured+Lighting render mode. I've tried this on my own machine and one of my colleague's, and the issue is reproducible. Additionally, it would seem any characters that have a face rig get deformed when in Textured+Lightning render. Is threre any reason why this might happen?
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