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All 77 FPS Creator packs are free


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Better be careful. I asked lee from tgc and he said that the artists only agrees to release it for gameguru only. They are not sure if other game engine can use it or not.

That's odd, I also emailed Lee a few months ago. There was no issue with using them. Quote from email below

The only restriction we impose is that you cannot resell the models, or use them in a game maker library. Beyond these limits, you are free and welcome to create a game or demo with the art, and if you want to credit the authors of the items you use, then that would be a nice gesture.

Maybe he did that just for me? I don't know but it didn't seem like a problem.

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That's odd, I also emailed Lee a few months ago. There was no issue with using them. Quote from email below


Maybe he did that just for me? I don't know but it didn't seem like a problem.

Agree - that would be odd as it was never an issue prior with the TGC FPSC packs. And if that has changed, then there needs to be a disclosure on the download page or in the downloads themselves that states this is the case. So far, I am not seeing one.

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Okay. Didnt found my thread. But



One mod say no problem. Another one stated only tgc models are completely free and can be use with other game engines. Other packs need to be confirmed with the artist. (That free packs consists from tgc and third party)


This is how I always understand the terms. Any product from tgc will always be completely free and can be use with other game engines, while others need permission from the artists even if you bought it from their store.


Another is here from steam




This is from Lee at steams


" Lee Bamber..@Teabone: I have only sought permission from the artists to open source their FPS Creator Classic Model Packs as is, so you are correct to seek permission from third party artists before converting and redistributing them for use in GameGuru. That said, TGC owned a lot of the packs and I hereby grant permission to convert all TGC owned FPSC model packs and distribute them for free on the forums (though not through the asset store or through some paid-for collection). I add my thanks to that of the community for grinding through the conversions! "

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That's all well and good but as pointed out in the steam forum post- which ones are 3rd party and which ones are TGC? Unless I am missing something in the zip files, there is nothing that indicates either way. I previously own several TGC packs from years ago and this was never an issue, so this is pretty disappointing.

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@macklebee that is the reason I said better be careful. The license are not really clear. Anyway, the good news is, if you own Gameguru, tgc just released most of the packs in the the latest Gamepack expansion dlc as free. So you can use that with leadwerks or other game engines.

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One of the problems I had is the large number of animations that are numbered but not identified by name. Took me hours to find what I wanted.

Oh yeah that was a pain in the butt. What made it easier for me was putting this in a text file then importing it with Leadwerks Model Editor. Gives you all the animations by name

Impact Front,0,19
Bounce Front,20,39
Impact Rear,40,59
Bounce Rear,60,79
Impact Right,80,99
Bounce Right,100,119
Impact Left,120,139
Bounce Left,140,159
Grenade Spawn,190,209
Grenade Idle,210,234
Grenade Walk,235,259
Grenade Sidestep Left,260,279
Grenade Sidestep Right,280,299
Grenade Run,300,318
Grenade Standing Toss grenade,319,355
Grenade Crouch Idle,356,380
Grenade Crouch Walk,381,405
Grenade Crouch Toss grenade,406,442
Grenade Freeform Idle,443,462
Grenade Freeform Move,463,492
Grenade Getup Impact Front,493,522
Grenade Getup Impact Rear,523,552
Pistol Spawn,553,572
Pistol Idle,573,597
Pistol Walk,598,622
Pistol Sidestep Left,623,642
Pistol Sidestep Right,643,662
Pistol Run,663,681
Pistol Reload,682,731
Pistol Crouch idle,732,756
Pistol Crouch Walk,757,781
Pistol Crouch reload,782,831
Pistol Freeform Idle,832,851
Pistol Freeform Move,852,881
Pistol Getup Impact Front,882,911
Pistol Getup Impact Rear,912,941
Submachinegun Spawn,942,961
Submachinegun Idle,962,986
Submachinegun Walk,987,1011
Submachinegun Sidestep Left,1012,1031
Submachinegun Sidestep Right,1032,1051
Submachinegun Run,1052,1070
Submachinegun Reload,1071,1120
Submachinegun Crouch idle,1121,1145
Submachinegun Crouch Walk,1146,1170
Submachinegun Crouch reload,1171,1220
Submachinegun Freeform Idle,1221,1240
Submachinegun Freeform Move,1241,1270
Submachinegun Getup Impact Front,1271,1300
Submachinegun Getup Impact Rear,1301,1330
Rifle Spawn,1331,1350
Rifle Idle,1351,1375
Rifle Walk,1376,1400
Rifle Sidestep Left,1401,1420
Rifle Sidestep Right,1421,1440
Rifle Run,1441,1459
Rifle Reload,1460,1509
Rifle Crouch idle,1510,1534
Rifle Crouch Walk,1535,1559
Rifle Crouch reload,1560,1609
Rifle Freeform Idle,1610,1629
Rifle Freeform Move,1630,1659
Rifle Getup Impact Front,1660,1689
Rifle Getup Impact Rear,1690,1719
HeavyWeapon Spawn,1720,1739
HeavyWeapon Idle,1740,1764
HeavyWeapon Walk,1765,1789
HeavyWeapon Sidestep Left,1790,1809
HeavyWeapon Sidestep Right,1810,1829
HeavyWeapon Run,1830,1848
HeavyWeapon Reload,1849,1898
HeavyWeapon Crouch idle,1899,1923
HeavyWeapon Crouch Walk,1924,1948
HeavyWeapon Crouch reload,1949,1998
HeavyWeapon Freeform Idle,1999,2018
HeavyWeapon Freeform Move,2019,2048
HeavyWeapon Getup Impact Front,2049,2078
HeavyWeapon Getup Impact Rear,2079,2108
Bazooka Spawn,2109,2128
Bazooka Idle,2129,2153
Bazooka Walk,2154,2178
Bazooka Sidestep Left,2179,2198
Bazooka Sidestep Right,2199,2218
Bazooka Run,2219,2237
Bazooka Reload,2238,2287
Bazooka Crouch idle,2288,2312
Bazooka Crouch Walk,2313,2337
Bazooka Crouch reload,2338,2387
Bazooka Freeform Idle,2388,2407
Bazooka Freeform Move,2408,2437
Bazooka Getup Impact Front,2438,2467
Bazooka Getup Impact Rear,2468,2497

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I just got back into using FPSC after a several year hiatus and model packs are not appearing properly and several show the exact same thing in test mode. Derelict space station doors all appear the same no matter what model I choose. Just a doorway and empty space saying press enter to use. I have a fresh install and the update patch and a few model packs so far. Do I need to add the black ice mod as well?

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