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Royalty free textures and other tools

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As usual, please no negative comments, this post is designed to be helpful, if you know about any of these tools and texture sites, that's fine, if not, that's awesome, hope you enjoy.

Royalty free texture websites, some are 1-16k resolution 





This is an example of the quality textures you can get from those sites:

this is 8k resolution



free drawing tool with animator: 


free royalty free music creation tool:


cloud generator


usage tutorial for the cloud generator:


Forgot to include this tool, it's called OpenToonz, it's a completely free and open source drawing and animation tool, link in below:


and a tutorial video for it:


This is another cool tool I forgot to add, it's called Shoebox, basically a sprite packer with several other tools, including animation, requires the download and install of Adobe Air, since when you download it it's a .air file format

it's an unsecure site and there is a warning about unknown author or whatever, but I downloaded it and been using it, seems safe, link is below:



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Np, happy to help.

Correction on the music creation tool

it's technically free, but to download the cool clip you made, by clicking on the download button you will be met with a pop up.. if you click on download preview it will download the clip for the whole length of the music, but it will keep saying "royalty free music created by Ai" every few seconds. You can get around this fairly easily and use windows game bar DVI in windows 10(windows key + G) and click record and it should pick the music up and then just split the audio from it ..




BUT the tool is easy to use, just a few clicks and you have music, then you can change all the blocks to make different sounds


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I made this song in like 5min with it, it needs more variations and less repetition and build up and fall of for easy transitions ...but, still pretty cool


if you use Windows game bar DVR to record it, you can use shotcut to split the audio from it and save it to a wave file ..shotcut is free and open source, see the link below


Also please make sure you actually type in the file extension when saving the audio ..like musictest.mp4  ...depending on the chosen file format on the left or it might not save correctly.. example pic:


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Some more cool stuff - the first item is TerreSculptor, it's a free terrain editor http://www.demenzunmedia.com/home/support/ the second item can be used with it.

To get terrain maps https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/ you have to sign up for it, but it's free, you set points on any part of the map and it will let you download a terrain map for it.

After selecting the area that you want to grab for your terrain


You have to click on the "datasets" button and it gives you a list of download options, if you want to use it for TerreSculptor the dataset that you select will be under "Digital Elevation" ---> SRTM --> "SRTM void filled" ---> Click on the results button


After clicking on the "results" button it gives you a list of different files to download, click the download button for the ones that say 1-ARC and 


download the one that says "BIL 1 Arc-second"


Open TerreSculptor and if your just starting the tool up there should be a welcome screen with an "import terrain" button


If you don't see it, go to "file" ---> "import terrain"


Then select the folder that it's in, make sure you change the file type to BIL


then you should see this screen


You should see a really detailed map now


if you want to see colors you can click on the "material" button on the right side and you will get


When done, there are well over 25 different file types you can export to by clicking on "file" on the top left and clicking "export" at least one of them should be compatible with leadwerks.

There are tons of tweaks you can make to the terrain, including changing the altitude, it's amazing all the options to choose from for a free terrain editor/creation tool.


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Also, I have no idea why it keeps throwing the last image at the end of the post after I have removed it like 3 times now..

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On 4/9/2020 at 12:58 PM, BES said:

Also, I have no idea why it keeps throwing the last image at the end of the post after I have removed it like 3 times now..

You have to delete it at the bottom where all the attached images are, or it just includes it at the end of your post.

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