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Posted by Josh Klint, 09 March 2017 · 0 views

Our website has been updated with a new look and responsive design.  Here are a few highlights.

Landing page:
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Product pages:
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Screenshots used in the site from games will display the title and author when you hover the mouse over them.

Responsive layout scaled for phones:
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Clearer writing that says exactly what Leadwerks does and who it is for:
Attached Image

Dark gallery and video pages:
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Sleek screenshot pages:
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I left the Workshop pages as-is for now.  The forum software is going to be updated and a new skin will be designed for the new version of the community software.

Wow, looks really great. It feels very fresh, and makes the engine itself more updated somehow. Probably cause the old site just made a list while this gives you screenshots/pictures of what the engine is capable of!
Really nice, responsive design works reading from Android phone.
Tutorials and community pages feels a bit off, can see is the old site looks bit different.
I like it! Especially the video in the background. Makes it a bit more alive than it previously was.
Looks real nice. Information about the engine's features are a lot clearer, gives a much better idea of what it can do.
looking good :)
There is no more a games section?
I think ppl may want to see and play what Leadwerks users are making.

DoomSlayer, on 09 March 2017 - 02:41 PM, said:

looking good Posted Image
There is no more a games section?
I think ppl may want to see and play what Leadwerks users are making.
I am still thinking about this.  I think there's going to be a showcase of about seven top games, and maybe a general listing.  I do not know if these will be merged or how it will work.  We have the general games database, we have the game launcher games fetched with the Steam web API, and we have a hand-curated selection of games I want to show off.  So I need to think about this some more.
This took a good chunk of time but I feel like it sort of improves everyone's "self-esteem".  The images the community has created over the years really make it shine. :D
It's a nice cycle to have Leadwerks make games look good make Leadwerks look good.
Personally think you should have the bottom footer as one line, as it is in the forum.
Also I think the navigation for the gallery should be centered , and the sort options both on the top right and the bottom right of the list.
The new design is ok but nothing will ever top this timeless look.

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