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Leadwerks Game Week Tournament

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Hello fellow Leadwerkers,


Rick and I want to start the unofficial Leadwerks Game Week tournament! You have 1 week to make a cool game/prototype/level design that is made with Leadwerks 2 or 3. The tournament starts Wednesday 17 July and ends Wednesday 24 July at 00:00 hours. The time of starting and ending will be your local time. (Don't worry, we will be flexible).


The winners:

  • At the end of the week we have a private poll that lasts 2/3 days.
  • After the poll closes we will announce the 3 winner.
  • The prizes are steam Gifts. We will contact you for the game(s) you want to have based on your prize amount. (We do not send money via bank accounts, paypal etc)
    • First place: $15,--
    • Second place: $10,--
    • Third place: $5,--

The rules:

  • You need to be in possesion of a Leadwerks 2 or 3 license.
  • You can make whatever you want: a game, demo, prototype, flythrough, walkthrough, model or shader as long as you use the Leadwerks engine 2 or 3 to demonstrate it.
  • It is not allowed to use an existing projects/games for 'GameWeek', you have to build it entirely from scratch.
  • You can create whatever you want as long as it is made or placed with Leadwerks engine 2 or 3.
  • The game will be placed in the asset store for free.
  • What a person is making or has made is a secret until the winners are made public.
    • We do this to ensure anonymous voting. Projects will be voted on based on the project rather then the maker of the project.

How to Join.

  • People can private message me for participation.
    • Just message me your name and that you are participating in the tournament.

    [*]You submit your game / level design/ in-engine model / shader to me when you think you are ready.

    • When you send your submission, add a little subscription and or screenshot.


Rick and Jorn



Joined so far...

  • Rick
  • Yougroove
  • Beo6
  • Xtreampb
  • Gamecreator
  • Aggror
  • Josk

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i want to join too.

I have already two ideas for small game prototypes.


But i don't have much time at the moment so it will most probably be one really bad game demo. if i even get it to work :)

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so i thin the dates are wrong the 14th July is a Sunday not Wednesday. the 24 is a Wednesday though. does that mean it has already started or it is going to start?


I would like to join. :)

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Remember to try and keep your game secret. If you need help in forums try not to give screenshots that give your game away or describe your game in so much detail. We want to make sure votes are based on the end product and not its author. We don't want any biased votes.

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i would't think that corruption in the community runs that deep - if you want a lively competition I think it would be better to encourage people to show what they are doing. but it's none of my business really

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I guess the way I view it is that the game itself is all that matters. We aren't judging on a persons campaigning skills :)

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Although the title is very clear about it, I was still hoping users of previous versions would be invited to join in... but then 3 out of those 6 rules talk about it being strictly Leadwerks 3..oh well....

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I don't care too if it is in LE3 or 2.

the only thing could be that LE2 users have the advantage of better graphics.

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I hadn't thought of it actually. ohmy.png I think we should let Leadwerks 2 developers join the fun as well.


Can we count you in Paramaceij?



Edited the first post. Leadwerks 2 developers can join as well.

Edited by Aggror
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Why are you thinking that should be in the poll? I think they should maybe tell you when they send you the project, but I can't think of a reason the poll should have that info. To the people playing the games, they don't really care if it's LE2 or Leadwerks 3. Graphics don't make the game :)

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Graphics don't make the game smile.png

I agree with that and your point. My concern is that not everybody is aware of the difference and therefore are easier impressed by better graphics and terrain.
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What a person is making or has made is a secret until the winners are made public.

  • We do this to ensure anonymous voting. Projects will be voted on based on the project rather then the maker of the project.

Hard rule.

If i ask 50 programming questions a lot related to a platforming/jump, people would know who is making the the jump/platform game sleep.png


Could we delay to August 1° ?

One week is too much short, specially with dayly stufff outside of 3D.

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The 1 week timeframe is supposed to be the challenging part. Scope correctly for what you think you can do in 1 week to get something to show. Some of these things are 24 or 48 hours believe it or not :)

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Just to make sure I can use purchased models right? I mean it's about making the game code from scratch not the models right?

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Well there are a decent number of already made scripts and other resources in the asset store and they can be used (to help modelers) so seems like letting models that one has bought would be the same but for programmers who can't model. :)

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