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Leadwerks Game Week Tournament

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****. i have a unexpected job that needs my attention first. ; (

That is a pitty, Still, you can submit everything that you have created.


I'm in, wont be much but it will be more than nothingbiggrin.png

nice to see you join.


6 people are in the race . :) Everyone can still join of course, as long as you submit before the end time.

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Agrror just wanted to show as fast and super programmer he is.

Let's make some 3D character modeling contest next time laugh.png


In fact people making 3D art you can recognize their game by the style they use.

So i don't think myne to be so secret lol

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.Damn I wish we had another week. This week is horrible smile.png

Sorry Shadmar. maybe next time. :)


Super short.

I have the game idea, but as i will do all 3D art, that will be lot more long than using outside models and just programming.

I am not sure what you are saying here. Do you mean that you won't have enough time?
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I have the game idea, but as i will do all 3D art, that will be lot more long than using outside models and just programming.

This is why the biggest factor of my design is simplicity; I'm using a very limited number of models with basic textures and I may even "palette swap" (via textures).

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due to demands from school, and the possibility of me being able to sell my business software, i'm going to have to humbly forfeit from this competition. I didn't even get a chance to sit down and brainstorm an idea. Look forward to seeing the results in the asset store :)

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We are quickly reaching the end of this tournament. ohmy.png


If you are ready with your project you can submit it in various ways. A new topic will be created to summarize all entries.


  • Upload it in the gallery
  • Upload it in the asset store
  • Upload it to Youtube.


Please post in this topic (or private message me) how your project is called, what it is about, how your experience was etc..



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Sorry i will not submit.

I started with the project but it is not in a state that i would show it. Hopefully next time.

Looking forward to the other projects.

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So keeping the secret is gone? That's fine just want to make sure I understand before I post it. My post will be later this evening for me.

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Myc, for the first door? There is no key for the second door but the first key is somewhere hot that you need to cool down...

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