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Hang Out with Leadwerks



The Leadwerks team will be hosting our first Google Hangout on Sunday, July 1, at 17:00 GMT (that's 10:00 AM in California). We'll spend 30 minutes talking about all the cool things happening in the community, and answer your questions about our upcoming new game engine.


Follow us on our Google+ page before Sunday and check back to join the Hangout. We're limited to ten participants, so first come, first serve. See you then!


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Bummer, I'm taking an extended weekend for the 4th so I won't be able to attend :(. Can this be recorded somehow, would love to watch it.

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great Admin :D because I really wanna buy LE3D i have tons of money reserved to make some investment for myself. and when I know the release date I will transfer it to my paypal..

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I recorded it but it had no audio which sucks.


Topics covered were:


Cool stuff being done by the Leadwerks community recently; Shadmars Ocean shader, Josh was clearly stoked (and rightly so) about Hookwink on Steam, some thoughts on the LCP and focus on gameplay.


Then a question on Leadwerks3D and Josh talked about focus on gameplay features (it will have tutorials on that).


And I can't remember much else except a dog barking and trying to mute it but not being able to find the right one.


I hope we can do it again sometime, I think we can share desktops and running apps so a show and tell should be possible.

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