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Found 7 results

  1. I'm creating a horror game and am having trouble with doors. The main location is a house with swinging doors in it, and no matter what I do to the scene details, I keep walking right through the doors. I've tried every modification I can, and for some reason I can't fix it! I don't know if I'm just overlooking a simple mistake or if I made a mistake that I really don't know the solution to. Any help, guys? (Scene details below.)
  2. Have a simple portal door system working with an interior map I've just started working on today. One issue I'm running into with this setup is that the exterior map is completely unloaded when moving into an interior map. This causes a huge load time when you exit the building. I'd really like to be able to optimize some of that but so far I'm pretty much drawing a blank. Maybe it's a bit too late, will think on it more tomorrow.
  3. I'm currently testing doors with default script, but it raised some questions. When I open or close door, my computers stutters very badly, like it is a heavy operation. Also, sometimes my door opens, but won't close again. When using double doors, very often other or both of of them jam after open and close cycle. I have played with door masses, speeds etc. and seems that with slow speeds jamming is more common... I have tried just door, with nothing touching it and it still stutters. I tried door tutorial and there doors worked like they should, no stuttering. But I cannot imagine that my testmap is allready too heavy for my computer, even if I'm using primitives pretty uneconomically (faces there where player will never see)
  4. I have followed many videos and I just can't get this door open. I linked the switch_handle and the slidingdoor_left I want to open with in the Flowgraph Editor, but for the life of me it won't work. I have spent an hour or so moving items around near then, disconnecting the door from the slidingdoorsingle_frame... I am just really stuck. Any ideas out there? Maybe someone was also stuck in this situation?
  5. I am trying to make a script for physics based doors (like Amnesia) where you can pull and push the doors. Right now I have slam open and slam closed, but the pull and push are super glitchy, so I think I'm approaching that the wrong way. Any suggestions on how to approach this?
  6. today i made a test because i want the navmesh see the doors. can we get a input field player radius, that is used for the space around the obstacles? in the screenshot the left door is 88cm, then come 1 meter and then 1,5 meter
  7. hi can any one tell me why my player walks through the sliding door when it is shut ?? its like a glitch need help please :-)
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