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Free and payed 2D and 3D artwork coming soon...

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I could have posted a screenshot but I dont want to de-rail your thread with shots to my products.

Plus it was not just a link but also mostly explaining why I think single rocks are better than cliffs. This link is really tiny compared to my text aboove it.


You can be lucky this is not Linkedin. If you offer your service or even show a project there, dozents of over-seas guys pop-up and post their own services and stuff below it. You just have to take it easy.

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What you done is post a link ot your shop, don't say its not advertising ?

Here this is not Linkedin at all, here this is a simple forum.

Anyone can advertise it's own producst without spotting in other threads owners, really, this was too easy.


Even better you could have put instead of your site a simple picture from Turbosquid or from Google images.


Yes it's better taking it easy , but avoid to post your own commercial stuff in other people commercial and free stuff threads.

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Good work Chris, I'm glad you decided to take this step and don't worry, soon you'll be a real master of rock :)


I'll try to put them to good use, you just keep 'em coming!

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Nice stuff Chris....keep up the good work..looking forward to see what you have next.

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Hey, thanks guys! :)

Have been busy with game projects, so there was little time to create new models, but i'll do my best to work on them asap. ;-)


soon you'll be a real master of rock smile.png

Hehehheh, and i'll be playing my guitar while modeling rocks. biggrin.pngwink.png


looking forward to see what you have next.

Next model will probably be...a rock. biggrin.png

Or...not...! rolleyes.gif

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Thanks, Jeep112! I appreciate it. smile.png


Been too busy lately with a project, but i'll keep on working on some new models, and then upload them. smile.png

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Hello, everyone! smile.png


It's been a while since my last post, but you'll probably see me around a lot more soon. In just a matter of days, i'll also be purchasing a copy of LE 3.1! smile.png

This means that i'll be able to make art for this great engine again and upload some of it for free on the Assets page.


I'll be creating a variety of 2D and 3D art, such as skies, 3D characters (rigged, and maybe also animated), environmental props, textures/materials, and other usefull game art.

The 3D character models will have a very basic rig (using blender smile.png) , and i might also do some animated ones (depending on how much free time i have left).


Here's just an example of a 3D character (some sort of goblin tongue.png) i modeled/textured a couple of days ago in 3DCoat, and then rigged in blender.

This model is around 5K, but i can go lower if needed. Note: this particular model won't be uploaded, as i created it for a project that i'm working on together with Roland, but i might do another one similar to this. wink.png




Stay tuned! wink.png

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Hey guys,


Here's a couple of screens of a new character model i created in 3DCoat. Some sort of a weird looking alien guy. biggrin.png

This character will get uploaded as soon as the new assets feature is available.

The model is 4.3 K, so not too high, not too low. Next up will be to rig the dude in blender, and optimize him for LE. wink.png

I might probably create some weaponry and additional cloths (armature, gadgets) as seperate meshes, so that people can customize him a bit to their liking. wink.png


Anyways, i hope you like what you see. Any suggestions for 3D art are always welcome.





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Hey Leadwerkers,


Been working on free texture/material packs for LE today, and i'm quite happy with the results! smile.png

The pack i'm creating now, has textures for ground/wall, suited for a variety of game genres, such as horror, fps games (half life, doom, unreal and similar), realistic environments, industrial, and space/tech games!!

It's not finished yet, but so far i already have 9 materials (each with diffuse, normal and specular maps)!

Once finished (probably tomorrow, as now i'm off to bed, getting some sleep), i'll upload this free texture/material pack! You can use these textures/materials for free, as long as you don't sell them or tell others that you've created them. And of course, credits are appreciated wink.png. Thanks!

I'll also work on free skyboxes and upload them as soon as they're finished.


Here are a couple of screenshots of the texture pack i'm working on. Hope you'll like what you see.





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Thanks a bunch, guys! smile.png


Well, i've just uploaded the free texture/materials pack. You can find it here:




The theme of this pack is 'Wall and Floor'. 10 high detailed materials (each with it's own diffuse, normal and specular texture!) for (worn and used) floors and walls, suited for FPS games (such as Half Life, Doom, Unreal, etc...), horror games, space/tech or games that need realistically looking wall/floor textures. smile.png


I've spent quite some time on creating them, so i hope to see some great games made with them. wink.pngtongue.png

Also, comments or suggestions are much appreciated.


You can use them for commercial or personal use, as long as you don't sell them, or claim them to be yours or made by someone else than me. smile.png


Here's a screenie of some of the textures:





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Thank you, mate! I hope they're usefull. wink.png


Let me know what other 'themes' could be of use, and i'll have a go at creating them. smile.png

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Hey guys,


Been working on another 3D character model in 3DCoat. Some kinda monster/mutant/demon. I call him 'Gurglar'. The name just came up when i looked at his rippled chin, and also because it sounded rather wicked. tongue.png

The model is finished (sculpted, uv mapped, textured), and later will follow rigging and weightpainting in blender. When finished, i'll upload this model for free. wink.png

I'm having some problems with the normal mapping export/import (3DCoat to LE). It's a bit strange, because i didn't experience this when importing models from 3DCoat in other applications.

I'm looking into this, and hopefully find a solution or work around. smile.png


Anyways, here's the finished model (not yet rigged) in 3DCoat.







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Working on a bunch of new terrain textures for LE, which i'll upload for free. smile.png

I'm really impressed by the new terrain system in Leadwerks.

Currently, i created around 4 or 5 base textures, and then created a few variations on those base textures, which brings the total of textures up to around 8 or 10 (i haven't counted them yet, but it should be around that number tongue.png).

I'll upload them within the next couple of days.


Here's a screenie to show some of them:



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