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There's something so nice about gameplay starting to show itself after some time coding and whatnot.  And god bless the people providing free music and sound effects (and though these are all purchased models, those who release free models and textures too).

Edit: randomly generated dungeons, by the way, reusing part of the code from here.


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SWAT character model I created a few weeks ago for another team. Model is rigged completely, and is also setup for facial animation using morphs. 
Model is made in a 'modular' fashion, which means that some parts (clothing, items) can be removed to create variations.

Used a bunch of different programs: Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, 3D Coat, Substance designer/painter and blender. 

Really enjoyed creating this character.





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Nothing spectacular, set up a series of 2d sprites and the code for it so I can just paint the maps, all the collisions are set already, then threw a placeholder player character in and did all the animations and controls, controls are arrow keys, or wasd or game controller.

im just getting all the functionality going, once done ill replace everything with my real project assets, the goal will be a kids game 2d sidescroller ..

Your a lost cat that will wander through a city environment while encountering new things, people and other animals as you try to find your way back home, but you end up even more lost and outside of the city and into the real world ...nature. There will be dialogs, with choices to make when encountering different situations ...and sometimes there will be branching paths to choose from and the player will be prompted to choose based on certain aspects of what the cats senses are reading from each path, once you choose it takes you to a new part of the map ...etc. depending on choices made, you will either end up back to the city and at home or stranded in the forest, but a happy ending for either end result.

My kid requested this ages ago(a kitty game) ..figured I would start working on it now.

To Do list:

Player customization system

health bars

proper menu system(I have one, but it's buggy)

cool loading screen animation(I have one but it's just a black fading effect)

inventory system, the cat will have some sort of harness that can store things

enemies(have a basic ai set up already)

day/night cycle


more layered assets, example mountains in the very back, trees just before that, grass just before that ..to add some depth

dialog system

Probably have some more but can't think of them atm..

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Having some character animation fun. Here's a work in progress idle animation for a female character I've been working on. 
Her eyes blink, added very subtle finger motion and 'looking around' movement. 
Next up is to add more variation (for example: more head/shoulder turns, maybe checking her shoes for dirt/mud/poop, stretching her back, cracking her knuckles, ...).
And I'm also going to add hair physics.



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I have the idea to make an open world offroad map with a lot of vehicles to choose and activities like transport challenges to let the player progress and obtain more cars or upgrades, something like that...

Well this is a big thing and I started with building little demos map as part of this big project, trying to add more and more features. Here is one of them with a monster truck little trip:


Edit 13.03.2020 Progress: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/blogs/entry/2534-random-generated-forest-about-performances/




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