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A new floor plan, I will make a bunch of these and change things if needed, I am still slowly working on two game projects.

The Floor Plans will be segmented too(like the one in the picture), so I can mix and match stuff.


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A clip of OtherSide in action is now on

if you are interested in watching!


I like it, good job so far, I am assuming the laggyness is just from you recording while playing, its reminding me of portal :-) .

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Working on WhiteOut, my entry for the Winter Games!


It's a racing game where you race locally, online and/or against the AI. Still need to do the menu, audio and some more maps... But it's getting there!







I'm coming for you, warm Leadwerks hoodie ph34r.png

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Three cheers for educational software :)



From the description:

Working on this idea (which will eventually have recordings of the phases), with the aim of exposing learners of English to an easy-to-understand introduction to the ins and outs of daily conversation. Currently has no sound, the graphics are very bare, and there is only one conversation. Very much a work in progress but I hope to complete it.

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As an update on last night's post (or yesterday's, depending where you are), I've worked out a rudimentary system to detect if entities are within speaking distance (and in the correct direction) of each other. I cheated a bit and did it all manually in the above video; there was no checking to see if anyone was in the right place when the in-game conversation was triggered.


You can see today's work in action here:


So, my overly complicated solution was to create a custom wrapper for a pivot (which has a shape set to be a trigger), adding a hook to the collision checker. We'll call this "ConTrig", because that's what I called it, plus it differentiates it. Now, each of my "Conversationalist" entities has a main "character" pivot with a shape attached which is used for general physics/movement/etc, but I added this "ConTrig" to each Conversationalist. The "ConTrig"'s pivot entity not only has a box shape attached to it, but the pivot is set to be a child of the main pivot of the Conversationalist. The box shape is offset from the main pivot locally on the Z axis, so it's in front of the main pivot + model. Now, every frame, the collision callback tells me if a "ConTrig" trigger was triggered, and if so... it doesn't just check who the character is. Through 7 layers of black magic, it is reported right back to the Conversationalist that its trigger was triggered. So, in a very roundabout way, whatever entity I create can say to me "I have somebody right front of me", if that happens to be the case, because they have a trigger bolted onto them with a hotline to God.


There's probably a much simpler way to do it. If anyone knows, I'm very keen to find out so I can streamline things.

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Solved the last post's question with the help of the forums. Moved on to terrain generation.

As I'm going for an angular, cartoony feel, I decided a reasonable way to generate my terrain (for now) would be to do it procedurally with a ton of brushes and models (for flora) placed at random at runtime. I'm using the default assets at the moment as I've been procrastinating in making my own (apart from the font and the chickenman model), so all the terrain is grass01.

Note the sneaky fade in. I realised that I had no way of finding the heights of the blocks readily, so I bunged a bunch of trees and bushes in the air and let gravity find the heights for me. The fade in disguises not only things falling, but the trees needed to be repositioned on the Y-axis as the roots were showing, so the fade in is long enough to disguise that as well.
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Working on a simple multiplayer game. For now both characters are controlled with the same keyboard but the goal is to do it through Steam soon.


Edit: and here's the Steam connected version:



Right now there is no prediction or interpolation or anything. Just direct, like so:


p1info.p1pos = player1->GetPosition(true);

p1info.p2pos = player2->GetPosition(true);

p1info.boxpos = box->GetPosition(true);

p1info.boxrot = box->GetRotation(true);

p1info.doorpos = door->GetPosition(true);


// Player 1 & 2 facing is set in below code

SteamNetworking()->SendP2PPacket(steamIDFriend, &p1info, sizeof(p1info), k_EP2PSendUnreliable);


And player 2 (client) just sends player 1 (host) its 3 key states (left, right, jump). Player 1 does all the simulation.

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