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Found 26 results

  1. Hello everyone, today when I was uploading a model for Leadwerks Engine workshop, an error occurred. Can anybody help me.
  2. Every time I attempt to publish a game to the Steam Workshop I get an error message that says "Failed to publish file." I made a video that shows the error. -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruo9VDuXj7E&feature=youtu.be I can provide my project if needed.
  3. This morning I tried to purchase an item via the workshop, which only brought the Steam client to the foreground and nothing else. Tried to accomplish this through the browser, which in the past worked, and produced the same results. The initial attempt, via the browser, brought me to the Steam login screen where I added the necessary amount, therefore ending in the Steam client having the money to make the purchase. Using Linux Mint 18.2 (Ubuntu 16.04.3) Is there a way we can circumvent the Leadwerks Workshop and deal with Steam directly to make purchases? Edit: Due to, thankfully, an old link directed to this site via the Steam client, I was able to traverse to the desired item, which directed properly to the purchase page in the Steam client. This seems highly unnecessary and I would personally like to see the items purchased directed through Steam on the Steam Workshop page. This issue may be more of a Steam client problem than a Leadwerks Workshop issue.
  4. Not to be a pest, but the workshop, using Leadwerks 4.4 beta, no longer allows installation of purchased packages with the GNU/Linux.
  5. SpEcIeS


    When using the Leadwerks engine workshop, I cannot sign in and gain access to my purchased items. Once the interface is loaded, it displays the following screenshots. The workshop will not allow any key input, therefore not allowing access to purchased items.
  6. Hello, I recently purchased Leadwerks but I needed some additional models so I went to the workshop page in Steam and ordered a few of the models and textures there for my project. After doing so, I went to Leadwerks, opened the Workshop window but whenever I click on one of the model sets I'd ordered, there's no way to install it as there is no button. I was told that if you search for the item then click it works, but whenever I try to search for anything it just says "Failed to load content" in the Workshop window, and Leadwerks console shows "Error: GetFileInfo failed (9)" Anyone had this before? Any help is appreciated as I spent a lot of money and have no means to access this content. Thanks Michael
  7. I was creating some models for the leadwerks workshop, but I noticed that they are not giving approval for the models are disabling the leadwerks workshop ?? I am with some users asking me about when the models will be available and how much it will cost, unfortunately I can not answer these questions, since leadwerks does not approve of my models. I've already reviewed everything I've been asked since the last request. thank you Follows the link of the template in question. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=808938176
  8. As the title suggests, when I try to download certain products from the ingame-workshop it doesn't work. I can download free products, but not ones I have bought. I can download DLC I have bought as long as i click on the bottom-corner install button. Error when clicking on DLC(weirdly enough i can still download it from the bottom-corner button): Error: GetFileInfo failed. (15) Error when clicking on other payed items which cant be downloaded: Error: GetFileInfo failed. (9) I have steam cloud activated. I have tried it on multiple projects. If you need any extra information just ask.
  9. Hello All, I was looking on the Leadwerks workshop just browsing packs and thinking about making my own. To my disappointment all of the packs that are available for purchase seemingly cannot be bought. Where the price should be is just these two hash marks "--". When I click on the pack and click the "buy" button it takes me to the home > Oops steam page and tells me an error has occurred. If anyone could help me figure this out it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Can I still legally sell my game on Steam if It contains items from the workshop in it? I've been looking for a answer to this for awhile, thanks.
  11. I have the Cottages package from the Workshop and try to add a Poly Mesh collider to Cottage 1 or Cottage 2. This appears to work fine: But when I run the game, the outside walls have no collision. Reopening the MDL I find that it is clear they are lacking that part of the collision mesh somehow: Is there any way I can fix this or is it just a bug?
  12. Dear all, On the 3th of July, I bought the workshop items 'Scifi materials 1' and 'Scifi materials 5'. However, when I clicked 'install', I got the following Leadwerks Editor message: "Failed to download workshop item". So, naturally I restarted the Leadwerks engine, it didn't help. So I then restarted my computer, didn't help either. Then I began looking for a solution online. I googled the error message and found various topics on this problem on these forums. Still, every single one solution didn't work out for me. These include clearing out the workshop subscribers list, deleting some leadwerks output files and finally, logging out on steam and logging back in. I have tried every possible solution that can be found online and the ones that I had on my mind. Still though, 3 days later I got the same problem. I am out of ideas. Any help whatsoever will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Martijn.
  13. Earlier work (Раньше работало) [ENG/RUS] 1) Reinstalled Engine (Переустанавливал Движок) 2) Reinstalled Steam (Переустанавливал Steam) 3) Checked Files (Проверил Фаилы) 4) I made new project... did not help (Я создал новый проект... Не помогло) 5) I rename files... did not help (Я переименовывал фаилы.... Не помогло) 6) Tried different archivers (Попробовал разные архиваторы) 7) Tried different versions of the Engine (Попробовал разные версии этого движка) 8) Restarting the computer (Перезагрузил компьютер) 9) Ask the community about this issue, not helped... (Поспрашивал у сообщества о проблеме) 10) Ok'Google did not help(Google не помог) 11) I do not know what else to try... (Я уже не знаю, что делать...) I noticed that SteamCloud does not work at the Steam... Coincidence or connection? (Я обратил внимание, что облачное хранение Steam не работает... Совпадение или связь?)
  14. Hi, I've seen a simple issue that I would like to report, but I don't think that would go as a BUG REPORT per se. I've seen a little issue with the MERC character, is that simply in the template, the character shadow is set as static and his weapon the same. Changing the shadow setting break the template. A simple tweak would need to be done to the template. Another issue was that I was finding that he was moving too fast for my taste, and did not have option to change the speed but was quickly adjusted that by adding the options in the LUA script. This character is really more useful to me than the monster to test stuff. I really like it! EDIT: I've simply changed the shadow from the MERC and the M4A1 object to dynamic shadow. That fixed the issue and then I saved back the "merc" in the scene view as a new prefab.
  15. Hi, I just bought yesterday the Egyptian temple from the workshop and think it would be nice to give a feedback about it. Current verdict: Need improvement, really beautiful but not useful. (april 2016) Buying this pack: It was relatively easy. I've got it from the community page on steam (browser) and then reserved the amount to buy it and then took it. I find this easier to do that way. Once the buying is done, I simply go in Leadwerks and download it. At first I had some problem getting paid model from the workshop directly from the workshop in leadwerks. The method I use now make it work all the time. The pack: Art Quality: The pack contain lots of models, of components of a temple and some temple props. So you can decide to build your own version of a temple. The models are really well done and beautiful with tons of details on them. A note, this is only temple parts, there is no pyramids in the pack, neither as the sphinx. Leadwerk integration: This is were the problems starts. They've done a lots of round corners to pack this for leadwerks and really done it bad. First, the "demo" map that come with it was done in another path then they simply moved it without changing the path for the assets, as a result, Leadwerk gave me more than 240 errors about missing files. Second, I'm almost sure it's missing some assets. Even by taking models outside of the demo map, I've still got some error (missing textures) on some models. Third, No optimization of the model. The demo scene run in debug at around 20fps on my NVIDIA GTX 780. So really nice, but without LOD or optimization of the model, the scene is beautiful but cannot really be used to make something in real time. Fourth, there is NO source FBX for the models, so no way to retopo these models to make them useful in real time applications. So for me I can see the art but cannot use it. Finally: Clearly they will need to improve on making a proper leadwerks integration. Next time, If I don't have the source FBX, I will not get it. It's also not totally clear on what type of licencing they use for the models. I think Arteria3D made a good move by promoting their pack on the Leadwerk Workshop, and I just hope they will improve and that other will join.
  16. Hi guys, Finally uploaded my 'game' to the workshop called d4Shmup. This is a simple prof of concept with one playable level. Any feedback is appreciated. If anyone want standalone, please shout out. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=630002481 Update 23/02/16 - Game now available as standalone: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/games/_/d4shmup-r109
  17. When I want to publish a .zip onto the workshop, and I select a .jpg .jpeg or .png file as preview Image, It makes the error ".jpg is not allowed" but one cant choose something else. If i manually type in .png then it makes the same error. (I opened the file up in gimp and exported it in various formats).
  18. I have to upload two updates every time I update my workshop game because the first update uploads the previous build of my game. Should I just make a new workshop game and delete the current one or is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
  19. Hey guys I'm new to posting on the forum but I have looked everywhere for this issue and some people had this issue but their solutions didn't work. Anyway, anything that I add from the workshop is not working, I get the failed to download error. You can see in the attached file (background from one of the tutorials ) where the error happens. This does in fact happen with every DLC I have tried. I saw someone note that new addons are possibly zipped but cannot find said files. checked the addons folder and only has previous addons I had in the past (over a year ago) any help would be great! You can see in the second picture that the addons folder only has the old addons I had over a year ago, none of the new ones I have tried. I also want to note that I did reinstall as well and tried in adminstrator. Cheers!
  20. I've "finished" a new game and want to publish it to the workshop, but no matter what I try, the game will not publish. It uploads the game, then gets frozen on the "publishing" part of it and then times out. A small window appears and says "failed to publish game" with no other explanation. Are there any suggestions on how to fix this?
  21. I tried that now several times and TreePack is empty what's the solution here ?
  22. I am wondering if there is a way to keep the file structure when downloading a asset from the steam workshop. I was making a asset pack and I made it so it had a nice directory structure as I wanted the packs that I am making to become pretty large giving time and it would make it a lot easier to find what your looking for etc etc. I uploaded the first pack with a nice directory structure but when I tested it and subscribed to my pack the directory structure was gone and everything was in one directory. I have deleted the pack and have started uploading the assets individually but I really would like to produce these assets as packs to keep things easy and structured.. Thank You
  23. Hello, I do use the Indie Version 3.3 of the LE. I did buy 3 Workshop Addons as a DCL on Steam: FPS Weapons Pack, SiFi Interior Construction Kit and Zombie Character Pack. Is it possible, to edit the Model Fils *.mdl externally with 3D/Model Program and Texture Files (*.tex) with a Grafic-Editor/Program? Does anyone has experience with this? Want to edit the files. Is it possible to convert them? And how would that work? Is there a way to receive the *.mdl Models as a *.fbx or the Textures as a PNG/TGA File? Does anyone know help? Have a nice day. C.U. REZ
  24. Does anyone know the filepath to load items from the Workshop using Lua? For example, I want to access a shader from the Workshop to attach as a PostEffect, how would I go about doing this? (I have to use ClearPostEffects in my code, so this is why I would need it in Lua).
  25. I am currently on a low-end wifi network somewhere and I wish that after restarting LE to download those workshop items that there could have been some indication of the download progress. A simple 0% to 100% text on the splash screen would be enough. I am looking at it and wonder if I should abort the download or not. Three minutes later it is complete! Yay!
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