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I'm trying a small LE3 game that will use simple AI, non realistic graphics because i'm already full buzzy as 3D artist. So i choose a style that allows me to create quickly characters in some minutes with Magica Voxels too, and rig them as fast.So i can concentrate on gameplay and features instead cool.png

workflow test : Magica Voxels -> Blender rig -> LE3


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Appreciate it! I was actually concerned with doing the animations themselves, after you rig it. Do you just drag things around to create the animations yourself or do you have animations you've downloaded/paid for that you can apply and modify?

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For such simple characters and simple armature structure, its is nothing realistic, very simple armature, the best way is to make animations yourself , because it will be simple animations like in the game Cube World.


Animating is just rotating one or two bones, save keyframe, rotate some bones save keyframe and that's it cool.png

If you have animated already in Blender or other software, animating such simple armature take only some minutes to make a move laugh.png is more fun then a pain.

(Because you won't mimick reality with prefect walk and attack moves).


Some example of free offset armature :

I deleted a bone to have the possibility to move upper freely while keeping lower not moving, for moves like idle for example.


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Personally, I really like the bloom, fxaa, contrast combination! I don't like when there is thresholding for blocky surfaces because that cuts up the color flow, and the outlines are too dominant in the toon screenshot. I love the voxel-based art though. Keep up the good work! (Also, how do you do the cool emoticon? lol)

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fxaa contrast toon is the only one that doesnt hurt my eyes

Contrast should be an option you can turn on and off to suite your eyes biggrin.png

I don't know if it is possible to have some luminosity option in LE3 to adjust by code for some option menu ?


Also, how do you do the cool emoticon? lol

You mean that one ? cool.png

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Yes! The sunglasses one! What keyboard code do you use?


You can change shader values in real time with the commands here, so you could adjust the contrast or bloom effects (I think the .lua that accompany some of them also allow for this). Shadmar does a great job at writing the shader values at the top of each shader (so does everyone else, but I believe Shadmar wrote the bloom shader biggrin.png) so that they are easy to edit, but if you pass a value in as a uniform, then you don't need to recompile (not sure how much you know about shaders):


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Yes! The sunglasses one! What keyboard code do you use?

Do you use a PC or a phone when your browse LE3 forums ?


To have the icons list you just need to click on the smiley on top and it will display the smileys list.

We could ask some new LE3 tutorial about smileys if you need it laugh.png


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To Do:

- Particles

- Fixing of Visual bugs

- A slight adjustment on visuals. Ceiling looks too flat, and I need more light sources.

- Sounds and ambiance

- Improvements to some gameplay scripts.

- Get ready for Demo Release, should have it out no later then the 29th.

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Working on a side project ... making an assortment of small objects to sell on TurboSquid..it will be probably around 30 items... a scifi pack ..for starters.


This is one of them...figured I would show it, not textured yet:



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So far, C++ application that has a settings system, and a MenuUI that can easily work on any LE game. Menu, loading screen and other things can be edited outside of Visual Studio. It also has a background map system too.



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