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While I wait for the Linux version on Steam to surface, I spend some time in Blender making the standard pack of assets. Too bad I can't UV unwrap to save my life... Working on a lantern now that's proving very difficult. :/


(Textures are from CGTextures)


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The font is garbled, the linux version refuses to load lua libs so it's hardcoded and I've not even begun handling inputs yet - but my Leadwerks myGUI platform is finally rendering \o/



Not a terribly exciting screenshot, but after a week of staring at code and loosing sleep to casts and rogue pointers I'll take any visual gratification I can get wink.png

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That was done with shotgun. (Weak penetration) Rifles etc... can go through wall easily. So bullet ballistics functions. It's LE 2.5 and Blitzmax


Made this easy to use with my functions:

CreateBallisticBullet(shooter:TEntity, sound:TSound, rotX:Float, rotY:Float, height:Float)
NewBallisticWeapon(name$, magazineSize, caliber$, sound, velocity, bulletDrop)
AddBallisticBullets(caliber$, amount)


What do you think? Any game ideas?

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Had to start from scratch with my lua GUI system. This time it's designed to deal with future additions better than the old one.




I have a windows manager controlling all the windows processes now. I'll be adding buttons, and input boxes next. After i have enough components i'll be dog-fooding my gui

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Going places - mostly backwards its seems keyhandling is completely fubar'ed and will likely need a rewrite.

Automatic binding to lua functions ( onClick="Player:myFunction" or onClick="Player:output:myOutput" ) works perfect - but only for top level widgets... will properly have to do late/dynamic binding instead.


Seems every time I tick one item off my todo list I add 5 new dry.png

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For now, just a simple, scif-fi crate. I suck at UV mapping royally... Meaning there are probably way to many seams on this model. Its still a WIP, but otherwise I like the hexagonal texture.




Texture taken from cgtextures.com, modified by me.


Reminds me of the cube from Portal, looks good.

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All walls and floors are 1 sided so I can load individual rooms as I walk through the doors.


Except the outer walls where the glass is....removing the faces there caused some issues...so I will leave them alone for now.


Also the bottom of the textured model in its current position in the picture there is a section for an elevator.


I was told by someone that this is not a good layout for a research space station(this is only 1 floor mind you..there will be 2 other floors)...so if you guys like this..then I will continue with it...if not I will change the layout.

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This thread deserves a bump!



So here's a work in progress video of the 'Fallout' GameMode in my game Bobblemod. This GameMode is about the Last Man Standing while tiles randomly drop. Players are warned beforehand because the tile turns red. The player who survives the longest wins the round.


Some remarks:

- Chat key-detection is somewhat broken.

- Screen turns black after falling because player dies. There's no spectating code yet etc.

- Other players don't move because I can't control 3 players at once.

- Uses a dedicated server (same binary as client).


Tech. Features:

- Most of the code is in Lua. Performance seems to be fine so far.

- BASS audio engine.

- Latest ENet network library integration

- Networked (physics) entities via map-loading and on-the-fly creation serverside.

- Synced players

- GameMode manager

- This 'Fallout' GameMode itself is currently only about 100 lines code.




My thoughts on the game:

It was mostly a test to improve my Lua and game logic coding skills. But when I have the motivation to finish this I want to make Bobblemod a bit like Counter-Strike Source MiniGame maps and Garry's Mod Fretta GameModes where players play short GameModes for ~ 4 rounds and then get to vote for a new MiniGame. With scoring included of course. It should be all about fun! :)


Let me know what your guys thoughts are.

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Starting to integrate one of the many new planet/moon surface shades I've been hacking away at for the past couple of weeks. Lots of work to do still, but good enough for a first pass...




Awesome! shows what Leadwerks 3 can really do (when you put some effort into it laugh.png )

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Terrain Map I am working on ...pics:


Satellite image with shadows removed



Terrain map in World Machine from above Satellite Image heightmap



Tweaks done in World Machine for above heightmap output:

#1 combined original heightmap with Perlin noise +0.5

#2 added erosion

#3 combined original heightmap with erosion +0.5

#4 combined erosion wear map with Deposition map +1.0 for splatmap

#5 added an output for a flowmap

#6 added Convexity Map for flowmap from heightmap combiner output

#7 added slope map for splatmap from heightmap combiner output

#8 made normal map from heightmap combiner output


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