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Found 16 results

  1. Took a break from 3d modeling work for the past few days, decided to play around with lighting and other effects in 3ds max to get a general sense of what types of environment/moods can be created. I made a material with some emissive maps and applied it to my simple cube scene, thought I would post it since it turned out pretty cool (3ds max rendering): More to come later on...
  2. As of just now, I have finished creating all of the individual color ID maps for the floor textures, seen below in my progress tracker. Next steps which I plan on carrying out (bolded are the ones I intend to focus on in the next month or so): Finish modeling wall textures (30 ish to go). Finish modeling a few detail textures. Create material ID maps for all wall/detail textures (60+ to go). Paint all diffuse maps using a common substance painter project file(s) to maintain consistency and allow for texture creation in an assembly-line fashion This will save me immense amounts of time with the texture painting process, and also allows me to add even more variant maps (paint colors, rust, cleanliness etc). Create modular environments in 3ds max using floor/wall/trim/detail textures that will fit on a common grid size Will likely have to model/bake additional greeble textures for this step, although this will be simple and not time consuming as I can splice the existing high poly models I have available. This will allow me to cannibalize some details and spend as little time modeling from scratch as possible. Pipes, structural elements, etc. Create props crates, desks, canisters, infectious growths, lighting elements, blood decals, doors with animations, etc.
  3. Work is continuing on my upcoming scifi mega pack that is inching closer and closer to being released - today I decided to compile a few PBR materials that I created as some more tests in substance painter. The below images show a simple 3ds max scene that I blocked out in a few minutes as well as some renders from substance painter. Materials available in uncompressed PNG format and are 2k textures. They are also perfectly seamless and will tile in all directions. I am providing these free of charge to be used for shader testing in the new engine, your own projects, or for learning purposes. They are not set up for a legacy normal-specular workflow so if you want to use them in the current version of leadwerks, you will have to follow some tutorials online to generate a spec-gloss map using your preferred photo editor. Thanks for the continuing support in this huge undertaking, still a lot of work left to do but I am hoping for a release around the end of this year to the beginning of next year. If there are any questions about the pack or the files that I am giving away, please do not hesitate to ask here or in my work in progres thread: -TWahl PBR_scifi_test_materials_free.7z
  4. Been delving more into the leadwerks editor lately, been working on some scifi materials made from some work I did as part of a texture pack I made quite a while ago. Currently compiling a texture material pack of these for leadwerks which will be available on the steam workshop for an affordable price. Just wanted to post a some screenshots of a cool scene I made with them! I also uploaded them to the leadwerks steam page. let me know what you all think! I am still fairly new to the editor and my laptop computer is not that great (scene ran slow) but I am saving up for a new workstation machine to do more 3d asset work and top-notch game creation on (I am a broke senior engineering college student, haha). Thanks guys and have a good day. P.S. I also have a turbosquid page (most of my products are free now), the link is: https://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/PancakeMan96 Not all of them are of the greatest quality, lol. I started 3d modeling quite some time ago as a hobby and picked up many skills over time. The first application I ever started out with was Milkshape 3d!
  5. I am very interested in buying Leadwerks Engine from Steam (only place it seems to be avaiable). However, I am completely new to game design and programming but have watched some videos on Youtube and just bought a C++ class on Udemy. I understand that using Lua and visual scripting will be easier to learn than C++ (described as hard to learn for beginners) from what I've read online. I have GIMP and Blender as my DCCs. Blender is hard to get into for me as I find the interface unintuitive but it is the only free option and I know about all the tutorials on Youtube about it and I plan to watch more. My PC is Windows 10 x64, Intel i5 6400T (w intel HD 530 graphics, so no Geforce or anything fancy), 8 GIGS RAM and 1TB 7200rpm harddrive. I think it will be sufficient since all of the Leadwerks games I've been playing from the game launcher play well on my PC, even with Intel HD 530 graphics. My question is this: Can I make a FPS game with enemies and item pickups as 2d sprites and also the FPS player weapon(s) as sprites.? Is there a flipbook to animate the sprites in Leadwerks? From what I've read online, in a true 3d engine the sprites in a FPS have to be flipped to face the player at all time otherwise obviously they will not be visible from certain angles since they have no depth. Is this hard or CPU intensive to make? I would assume that a FPS game with sprites is going to be less-resource heavy to run (and easier to make since 3d modeling in Blender is very intimidating while I can make sprites in GIMP and I know about getting rid of the background with Alpha color or something like this) than 3d models, am I right? Thank you for the support
  6. roysizon


    A zombie shooter that deserves a try. Steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=691701780 Standalone version: https://hisham.itch.io/zombiezi Leadwerks Game Launcher: http://store.steampowered.com/app/355500/Leadwerks_Game_Launcher/
  7. Hey guys, Been playing around with leadwerks lately testing random levels, trying to learn the software. However one thing I came across is the fact that for some reason I cannot fire my weapon (unless I am holding the ctrl key) when I am moving my character around with the WASD keys. I made sure it was reloaded too. I tried looking at the FPS controller script, however I do not know where I can find the specific code that seems to call for the ctrl key being depressed in order to fire my gun while moving. I want to be able to strafe around and fire my weapon at the same time without it being clunky. If I click my mouse while holding a weapon in a stationary position, the weapon fires like normal. Can someone point me in the right direction as far as scripting? I am only just starting to wrap my head around LUA in leadwerks. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey, So I have downloaded a couple weapons that are similar in format as to the autopistol that comes with Leadwerks. How would I get them working as such to be able to pick them up during game and swap/add to the FPS player? I tried playing around with some settings but couldn't figure it out. Thanks
  9. I've created a custom fbx model and imported it, then set it up similar to an existing melee prefab. This is wired up to a pickup object running PickupWeapon.lua, with it's VWep value set to the exported prefab of my custom model. Here are the two prefabs on the scene for visual comparison: These are the settings for the custom prefab root: The original machete prefab had the second rotation value set to 180, but because my model appears to be 180 degree turned, I have it set to 0. The issue I'm running into is that when the pickup triggers, it seems to work -- the weapon is available, pressing fire plays the sound attached to the prefab, etc. But the weapon isn't actually visible: I have tried values between 1-100 for rotation and offset without luck. How should I go about debugging this? I can't inspect the item while it's running so it's hard to know what is setup incorrectly.
  10. Just had a few questions regarding Weapon sizing and animation FPS. First, when importing a weapon and getting it all set up, how small should the weapon be? What I mean is if it is too big when playing in-game the model will go though the walls, so I just wanted to know if there is a general size recommendation or if it's just trying till it works. Second, when it comes to animating a weapon, what fps should I be focusing on? I use Blender to animate and I use 30 FPS to view the animations. That's about it thank you for any help
  11. I'm running LE on Ubuntu with AMD driver. Now, I have 2 issues, a minor and a major one. Firstly, VSync does not seems to work (yes, I've set Context:Sync(true)). Secondly, when I start LE after rebooting, it's quite fast. I get around 90 fps with water included on simple maps. Quite satisfactory. However, after a LE restart or two (or after a longer session without a restart), I get around 35 fps even when there are no objects in the map. The only solution is to reboot a computer. Any ideas? Thanx! EDIT This happens when I plug in external monitor to my laptop regardless whether the build in monitor is turned on or off. When I use only lap top's build in monitor, the situation does not seem to happen. Needless to say, I want to be able to use my 24 inch monitor.
  12. MarkusR


    hi josh, please take a look in the. Follow function. there must be something wrong. this function runs as thread in background until stop is used. 5 zombies waste 40 frames if follow is used. this in my 10x10meter test area. today i had time to edit the copy of the monster ai script and disable parts with functions keys to see what happens. (means skipping the world and physics update loop) ps:i using the beta because its better than the normal version and me is magnetic for issues me using the engine since offer at steam.
  13. If I use the TriggerChangeMap script without any weapon equipped it works fine. When I pick up a weapon from the dlc FPSWeapon pack or start with autopistol prefab I get an error " Lua error: stack overflow " when trigger is activated. I also noticed an error with the dlc melee weapon equipped and trigger map change I get an error "attempt to index a nil value Line 268. " I corrected it by changing the second self.emitter release number from [1] to a [2] in the function script:Release() section of the FPSMeleeWeapon script. Thank you for all help in advance, Kirk
  14. I thought you should know that the last update rendered the default fpsplayer code unable to look up or down. I have my own fps code I use, but thought I should tell you. Thank you.
  15. I have placed the FPS Player prefab in my scene but when I run the game I'm in freelook mode. How do I fix this?
  16. Hey, I have a problem that I must say, puzzles me quite a bit. when I opened my game after an update 2 months ago I recieved the error: Error 1 error C2668: 'Leadwerks::Entity::SetPosition' : ambiguous call to overloaded function 3 IntelliSense: more than one instance of overloaded function "Leadwerks::Entity::SetPosition" matches the argument list: function "Leadwerks::Entity::SetPosition(double x, double y, double z, bool global = false)" function "Leadwerks::Entity::SetPosition(float x, float y, float z, bool global = false)" argument types are: (int, int, int) object type is: Leadwerks::Entity I have no idea what to do as I have now deleted the code and tried using one of the third person templates to see if i did a mistake but I get the same error :S Hope you can help me App.cpp
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