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Found 15 results

  1. I want to import a model that had previously many Modifiers in Blender, but all applied and looking good inside the program. However, if I import them as .fbx into the Engine a part from the Model's Hierarchy is broken, and has a too big scale. I think everything else is fine. How do I fix this ? I already used the reliable apply scale, rot and pos in Blender but it didn't work. Below some screenshots of the problem.
  2. Seems some simple/small improvements to model import, specifically with regards to sensibly remembering settings for a batch, or previously applied before re-import. Re-importing a model or import similar ones in a batch it can quickly become annoying. Model import should remember settings applied after import (e.g. resize, normal settings) so that if you do reimport you have option to reapply previous settings. If you are iterating the creation of your own models it feels like LW is mocking you everytime you take the 'crazy' step to re-import your improved own model. If you import many models at once the chances are you want the same settings applied (resize/normals) so why not have tickbox or something to apply previous settings or something.
  3. I have an Issue when I import Models from Blender that are animated with bones and armatures. I have the Leadwerks export plugin installed in Blender but you can also export with FBX. However the result is similar. I have made a video about it and uploaded it on youtube: Sometimes i can get a half model appearing with animations in Leadwerks and other i can only get a few faces appearing.
  4. Recently I started to import models from Blender to Leadwerks. Now the tank models are look alright, but when I try to rotate the turrets of tanks ,it start to scale in some axis. anyone have an idea why this thing happens? * btw the whole tank rotate fine.
  5. I have got this Astar script, that I want to use again. https://github.com/lattejed/a-star-lua/blob/master/a-star.lua But I dont know how I managed to do it, the import itself works with import"Scripts/Astar.lua" but I get an error at the line 7 of the Astar script, : module ( "astar", package.seeall ) I dont know what I did to do to make this work, can anyone help ?
  6. I looked in the previous post a solution to this , but not found . My problem is this , I created a simple model in Autodesk 3dsmax it contains a simple animation , saved as FBX animation , however this animation is not loaded in Leadwerks , what is happening ? The link to solution of the problem leads to import and animation of a model with a larger sequence of animation. My model is simple and Leadwerks model editor does not appear the animation created in 3dsmax . Excuse my English , use the Google translator, thank you! vento_animated.FBX
  7. I made the model in 3dsmax 2015 with 30 frames of animation,but when I export and import within the engine leadwerks the model is stopped, within the leadwerks engine model edit the animation tab nothing appears . what am I doing wrong?? I am sending a screen export model . thank you! Moldels.zip
  8. Now that I have some new models to use, I am having a lot of difficulties with materials on models. Even when using the animation shaders, there are missing patches of the material on the model. If the regular shaders are used, the materials work as expected, but, as predicted, the materials do not "sick" to the model. When importing new models, what are the configurations and settings for the textures and materials? I have been spinning my wheels for hours and end up with the same results. Attached is an image to help.
  9. Hi. I want to know if it's possible to get leadwerks to do this automatically when an fbx is imported: look for embedded or referenced materials/textures (does not seem to work by default) set scaling for the model to 1.01 units to 10.1 cm show up correctly when inspected in preview tool I'm using autocad 2015 to make the models and materialize/texture them but it's awkward to import them. Thanks in advance.
  10. I am not able to import the the attached sample model with two animation (named MoveIt and MoveItAgain). Other engines i have tried do not have any proble with the file. The FBX format isa 2013 but i have tried it with all version down to 2009. The model and the animations were made and exported with Modo 901 Indie. Any ideas what the problem is? Any help is appreciated! test_7.fbx
  11. Hello! I have created animation in cinema 4d. Then i have inported id into fbxm and put this into Leadwerks. But when i opened animation into leadwerks it doesnt woked, i saw only model. How can i fix that?
  12. I have a script with a function that prints text to the console: function Script:TestFunction() System:Print("TEST PRINT") end When I import this script into player script and call this function in Script:Start everything works fine. import "Scripts/Player/TestScript.lua" ... function Script:Start() self:TestFunction() ... But when I also import this script into MonsterAI script calling this function from player script gives me error like this function doesn't exist there (attemt to call method 'TestFunction' (a nil value)). I wanted my RPG related functions to be imported into player script and NPC script and be able to access their variables through these RPG functions. For example: function Script:IncreaseSkill(skill, progress) self.skills[skill]=self.skills[skill]+progress if self.skills[skill]>100 then self.skills[skill]=100 end end I noticed that default scripts like ReleaseTableObjects.lua use global functions and only variables passed to these functions. Do I have to do the same? function IncreaseSkill(character, skill, progress) character.skills[skill]=character.skills[skill]+progress if character.skills[skill]>100 then character.skills[skill]=100 end end
  13. When I apply a material to one of the imported models, the models stop being displayed in the Textured+Lighting render mode. I've tried this on my own machine and one of my colleague's, and the issue is reproducible. Additionally, it would seem any characters that have a face rig get deformed when in Textured+Lightning render. Is threre any reason why this might happen?
  14. Hello there, I'm working with Leadwerks in these days and I think it's a really good game engine. However - as I've seen in other post here - there are some problems not importing the fbx files but apply them the collision physics. For example, I've created a house in 3ds max, I've exported it in FBX then I imported in Leadwerks in Prefab directory. Then I used collision type Scene and checked Nav obstacle. The problem is that the collision take a great area, more than the real size of the house. In addition, I can't give to the model a selective collision type (e.g. windows vs walls). When I apply the collision it affects the whole model. Anyone can help me ? Thank you and have a nice day !
  15. Hi. I would like to suggest to ship an x/dbo to fbx converter with Leadwerks out of the box. This way, Leadwerks users could easily import FPS Creator models to use them in Leadwerks. TGC has released tons of 3D models to use with FPS Creator and more and better quality is coming with Reloaded . I think an officially supported converter can be useful. We can already easily convert FPSC models to use them in Leadwerks 3 by using Ultimate Unwrap 3D but it cost money, and also no guarantee it going to be developed and going to convert FPSC models to fbx with no glitches forever. So, I think an officially supported and maintained converter/importer could benefit Leadwerks and it users.
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