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Is that with Release mode? My game is basically unplayable in debug mode. But is fine in Release mode.


For comparison:

I'm using a limited adjustable world size. Currently set to 512x512x256 for increased load time; It can be higher, but I get bored waiting everytime I debug haha. My system uses 3D chunks that are 16x16x16, with a view distance of 6x6 chunks on the horizontal plane, and 2 vertically.

I limit how many chunks can be rendered per frame, and automatically adjusts it based on the current FPS. So higher FPS = faster chunk loading, it tries to keep it around 55 FPS.


Pitty I can't create the models and call Update() on another thread, or can I?

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You could do as much as possible on another thread and then just call the Leadwerks commands when it is done. I would calculate your vertex and triangle data and store them in some float vectors in another thread, then when finished use that data to add vertices and triangles to the surface, in the main thread.

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It's all made with Leadwerks, even the server. There are no physics in the game, so that makes it a lot easier. It's another reason why I made this thread about navigation without physics. It also just saves a lot of processing power which is nice for a server to have.


For example, the player requests to move to a position it has clicked on. The server gets the position the player wants to move to and calls the NavPath->NavMesh->FindPath() function. After getting the path with its points to move to, the server will tell every client a certain unit will now walk to that point via the points of the path.


Every client can only read and request. The server will always check if it's a valid request and will process it after.

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So your server requires a gfx card then right because the engine won't init without one. Josh can we get a gfxless version of LE. Normal game servers done come with these kinds of gfx cards.


How do you hide the input lag client side? Testing locally you probably won't see any but when it's on the web I would think you would.

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Yes, the server will require a graphics card. It doesn't need a good one though because at the moment it only draws an image on the screen.


I'm not really sure yet how to hide the input lag. I think I can make the actions already happening on the client's screen, but eventually will get synced with the server. Games like LoL also have this. Whenever I purchase an item in LoL I couldn't have purchased according to their server, the item will disappear from my inventory and the amount of money you have gets synced.

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I'm not really sure yet how to hide the input lag.


I know sometimes games like this will play a small animation on the character. Like a solute animation where they say "aye sir" (Age of Empire I think did something like that). The 1 sec animation was enough to mask the lag and still give some kind of visual input right away. Also, like you said you can run the pathfinding locally and on the server and sync them up.



We really need server version of Leadwerks though that doesn't require a graphics card that needs OpenGL 4 since most real servers don't have much for graphics cards.

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Hello guys! smile.png


I've been working hard (depending on how much spare time i find) on some new art. Media (free for the time being wink.png) to be uploaded on the workshop.


In this screenie, you can see a few examples of particle fx, a skybox, and some terrain and other textures.

I have dozens more of such cool particle fx, and will be uploading prefabs (probably in packs) to the workshop. However, there's two problems i encountered. Firstly, it appears that particles don't show up on top of a skybox. Secondly, for some reason, the prefab creation feature in LE overwrites something (or such) and causes the particle effect to not animate as it should.


What i mean is...the particle fx are created using spritesheets, and then animated frame by frame using the uv options in the particle emitter. When i create a prefab of such a particle emitter, save it and drag the prefab in the scene, everything renders (animates) properly in the editor, but in game mode, i don't see the animation, but the whole spritesheet (scaled down, of course). Which is what is preventing me at the moment to upload these particle fx prefabs. sad.png


I told Josh about it, and he told me to mention this in the bugs section, so that's what i'll be doing next. biggrin.png


Besides the particle fx, i'll be also creating skyboxes (various weather types/conditions) and upload on the workshop, aswell as textures/materials and 3D models (characters and props). wink.png


Anyways, here's the screenie, hope you like what you see.





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Those particles look awesome!

I really like the how the fire looks and the other ones (on far right and far left) look like they could be used for some spell-casting or trippy outer space effects. Good job and keep it up!

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Thanks, Haydenmango! smile.png


Agreed, some of the effects i got can be very usefull for a wide range of game types...space games, arcade, action, horror, fantasy, adventure...basically any game that uses particle fx. wink.png


I have plenty of such effects...fire, explosions (with and without debris), magic, torches/flames, dust, a variety of impact fx, etc...all animated.


Good news, btw! Our shaderwizard Shadmar fixed the issue where the particles were not drawn on top of a skybox. Great work, shad!! smile.png


As soon as the prefab creation 'bug' is solved, i'll be uploading looots of these cool fx!

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In the progress of redoing my Gui for the OpenGL core profile. And with less external dependencies this time.


Supports both skinned and non-skinned gui components. The grey components are drawn using primitives and the blueish components are skinned from the MoonifyUI PSD http://www.designkindle.com/2011/12/07/moonify-ui/


It is also possible to use any other template, one needs to create an xml file saying where the component starts (x, y) and specifiy the width etc. so it knows what goes where.


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That's a nice looking GUI you got going there Patrik. *thumbs up* (reached my like limit today)


Little update on The Hunt For Food (game I'm working on).

I added a Terrain and made my rabbits follow the terrain using the Align to Ground script by Beo6. thanks Beo6!

More info in the short video and video desciption.

update video-



align to ground script link-



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Working on a sunset/sunrise skybox pack for the Workshop.




Finishing up another skybox to go in the pack. Currently the pack has three skies in it, and i'll be adding more later and update whenever a new skybox is added. wink.png


More (themed) skybox packs will get uploaded, ranging from sunsets/sunrises to daytime, stormy, night time, and also special ones (alien environments, space, etc...).


If anyone has suggestions for custom skyboxes, let me know, and i'll see what i can do. smile.png

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ABSOLUTELY nothing fancy here--just a quick shot showing a very basic Noesis GUI implementation. It was fairly quick and painless thanks to bandrewk's wrapper (and some quick responses to a few questions this morning :) ). I also had to give myself a pretty quick course in XAML to get up to speed, but I think I've got the basics down (Noesis has some pretty nice tuts over on their site that helped a lot).


Now I just need to add functionality to make it DO something :) Anyway, here's a shot



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