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What are you working on :

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Dont know why nothing is showing its just a video link to you tube, one of the videos is in the Video section of this website as well.



@ Aggror. A 3D lemmings type game, not thought of it that way but your right.

I will start a topic for it when I next update it, thanks.


@ Rick. Angry Andy when do we get to try that out?

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I'm working on a multiplayer game that allows users to build 'castles' and then destroy your opponents castle. a WIP can be found in the assets store under games then the castle defense game. that was done in LE2. having some issues with models in LE3 but that is the idea of the destructive element of the game.

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@xtreampb I downloaded that today, it looked very promising! I could imagine little archers on top ducking as the boulders whizzed a bit too high and then flying up in the air when i zing one at the top and connect with an explosion of rubble and rock biggrin.png

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i'm glad you liked it. Planning on using steam to distribute. would help me out with the networking section if i could use steamworks :).


Trying to get enough money to pay my graphic modeler. right not my current price is $500 for my models.

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there is an option to choose a shapefile?

All my question are that lolPhy file is LE 2 , i don't use LE 2 or LE 2 tools.How to do so ? Simple : there is no option for now.Even new comers importing some race track for example will be stuck.You are tsuck to use BSP or LE 2 engine with some LE 2 tools mixed with LE 3 , what a shame.Anyway i have the simple shooter project with BSP, so i'll go back to that waiting for some responses on collision on models and what will be done.


You need to go to the Scene tab, select the object from the scene tree, then select the Physics tab... the 2nd item in the properties settings list is where you identify the shape file. Physics settings are probably very similar for the objects you're used in LE 2, but I'm not an LE 2 user : ) Hope that gets you going. Also, there is a LE 3, Inrtoduction to Lua tutorial at the site that touches on the topic of collision detection near the end of the video.

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This is a project I started working on somewhere in 2011. Haven't done much with it the past year, but since a week I started working on it again, and making quite some progress.


Currently features:

- 'Awesome Van' with lights

- 3 power-ups: Ability to shoot ducks, drop landmines (seen in background at second screenshot) and do a kamikaze

- Simple and boring map

- Full online multiplayer support (stresstests have yet to be done) supported by ENet

- Synced props

- Health & basic damaging (especially from landmines)

- Speedmeter (blue bar) and chat

- Server browser

- Working console


It's mainly a hobby thing, although I do plan on making a proper release sometime soon. And with 'proper release' I mean something that works and is fun to play.


To-do for now:

- Destruction Derby gamemode

- Fix handling & tire radius

- Add more power-ups/weapons





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Can't show much of the working project yet because of placeholders / uninformative HUD, but this may give you an idea of what I'm making




I wrote on it with my remarkable writing skills to make things clear; V is for village which you can capture and the X is for the wildlife to spawn.

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Doesn't look very exiting yet,




Testing my own dynamic lod system for perhaps an ocean mesh maybe, using an empty quadtree split method and a dynamic array (instance as I traverse).

In lua it's pretty darn fast, depending on Leadwerks to cull my nodes, which seem to work well :)

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If shadmar is gonna post then so will I =p


He's still really rough. But I'll show him to you guys anyway. Atm I'm sculpting his butt so yay I'm off to look at pictures of body builders in thongs. Then I'm gonna stare at Sylvester Stallone and Hugh Jackman's pecks for a couple of hours. What!?!




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